April 9, 2022

This is a re-post from August 29, 2020

Let us begin. It is with high hopes, once again, that I come to you this morning. Let us continue to pray for you have shown me that you, once again, can rise to the occasion and amaze us all at this post.

Now onto the lesson. Our ships are quite advanced to your thinking and come in most all sizes up to and including 3 miles long. They are cities in the air and many use this as their permanent home. Generations have been brought about and lived their entire lives on ships and they are most majestic in form and procedure. So many things are available to us here and we avail ourselves of most all of them at one time or another. Hospitals, gardens, lakes, yes lakes, and just about anything one would need to live a full productive life. They are grandiose and are thought based in their movements. They accommodate us in many ways such as temperature, humidity, air quality and comfort areas like spas and quiet times. A customized wonder land of just about anything you can imagine. You will be amazed.

Now, onto religion. This is a touchy subject with most everyone and everyone thinks their thoughts are correct on God, Christ, Buddha and etc. We do have many words on this topic and will go into detail later but for now let us say that Jesus did walk your earth and he tried to teach and this was his mission. He was taken up to heaven, which just happens to have been one of our ships and he resides there to this day. He was a real man and lived in close contact with the Father and was directed by Him in all ways of his activities and words. He will return to your planet as promised and reign there for quite some time or until the need for him is over. He is a highly trained and learned individual and paid the price on earth and was nailed to a cross as the Bible says. Believe in him for this did happen.

Now we discuss the events on your planet concerning mind control, which is prevalent in some sneaky ways that you may not have considered. In your advertising is one of the biggest ways you are influenced. How you think is an open field for those who want control of your spending to try and influence. It is a cut throat business with techniques that would surprise you. Take casinos for instance. Temperature, lighting, oxygen content are all part of the control business along with music and food. It has taken quite some thought by a certain segment of your business organizations to push you into the spending mode and frame of mind. It has worked well up until now and this will come to a stop also. Gambling is not a recommended pastime and can lead to heartbreak and poverty in the biggest way. It breaks families up and destroys most aspects of you life when you lose control of your ability to stop. We have seen this happen too many times. Be at peace with not being able to gamble. It can be an addiction.

We come to surplus in your country. There are so many things that go to waste here and we don’t understand why this is happening when things could be put to such a better use than to be trashed or not recycled. Food is one big waste that often goes out the door and is picked up by a garbage truck. Try not to waste your food like you do. It is grown with purpose to feed the masses and can be better utilized and some are working on this very thing now with excellent results. We watch them feed the hungry and poor and we commend them for their efforts.

Other objects can be re-processed and the materials reused into other forms quite well and this is a plus and your country is just now coming into this part of recovery. Your are well on your way with recycling and we are proud of you in this effort to reclaim objects to break down and reuse in another form. Keep it up. We will be here to give you ways to use more items and have less waste in the future. One of our many plans at the moment.

We have conquered our mental challenges in the past and have been through what you are going through now in the way of surrendering ourselves to God and His way of providing for us. There is energy in the universe that allows for taking care of people who know how to ask and take advantage of the laws that do provide for all. It is God’s way of seeing that all needs are met. Notice I did not say all wants, but needs. Become more at peace with you definition of abundance. Most of you have more than enough to eat in your country and the rest of the time can be spent in service to others. Do not overeat for this is de-constructive in all ways of working and serving. Your body definitely does not respond well to overeating. Your choice of food is also vitally important and we will get to that subject later in our discourses. There are so may things to cover and we want to get started a soon as possible on these.

Your time for a better life is here and we are ready to help you create it and discover how to have a more abundant, happy life in all ways. You have so many good things ahead of you and you will not realize this fully until it happens and you will then know what you have been missing.

Trust is the name of this communication and we endeavor to prove we are worthy of your trust in all ways. Give us a chance. This web site is aptly named because it is an offer of trust that we hope you will certainly take advantage of. We go now in peace and have hopes for future communication on a grand scale. May you take time to consider our words for your benefit in all ways. So be it.

I am Prosper

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