May 29, 2022

May 29, 2022

Listen carefully.  The time draws near for the sun energy flare to come to you with the light that will bring positive change.  Let this work in your mind and body and do not be afraid of the results as some will most definitely challenge and question the meaning of it all and fear will ensue.  We are getting to a critical place concerning lots of changes and this will upset so many uninformed souls.  Beware their actions and do not let their negativity and fear upset your true sight and achievements.  It is the unseen path you must walk until the way becomes clear and the flash itself will only last for a few moments.  Be clear in your intent as you have been in the word of Mother Father God.

Even though much information has been given in the past about what will happen some things have been unclear and some have been charted while being molded and changed.  I think this earth experience will go down and be known as a series of changes and this is not necessarily a negative thing as all working together have played their part well to overcome the attempted imprisonment of all people on earth.  We change because we see the way and walk in Source Light.  It has all been impressive the work that has been done to liberate and make free what was always meant to be free by God’s Holy Law.

I know this is short but I must go.  Be safe my readers and students for the rewards are many and you have labored in the fields long and hard and now it is harvest time.

I Am Manning

In His Service

5 thoughts on “May 29, 2022

  1. Thank you Manning, I am looking forward to the hand of God (Solar flare) bringing about the positive changes you have mentioned as part of the ascension process. Thank you for the Celestial perspective. It helps us be prepared, centered, focused, and balanced. Jay


  2. Thank you wonderful Manning. We wait and watch and know that it is coming.Truth, Love , Light will prevail. Steady as she goes! 3:21 GODSPEED


  3. Manning, I don’t know if you have the time to provide a brief answer to a question from your post. Here’s to hoping. Question. The solar flare you mention, with its accompanying flash, do you have an estimate on when that will occur? Will that affect the electrical grid? If so, will that be worldwide or only the sun/facing part of the planet that gets a direct hit? Thank you for your kind response, Jay


  4. Hi Manning, an answer to the above questions are important as I can see already that if the solar flare causes a power outage, that many will believe it was caused by an EMP launched from Russia or China. When the Solar flare hits, how will we be able to tell the difference between it and an EMP as it seems both could have similar characteristics and effects. Thank you always, Jay


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