July 2, 2020

It is with great joy that I contact you. Our brethren are in contact with each other and heads are rolling. A great battle is taking place right now and it concerns underground bunkers along the East. Draconian elements plunder these areas and find secure places to hide. We above know nothing about what is going on until this area is investigated with soldiers.

Be at peace, we are winning. Much strategy is being used and this is not easy to overcome these powerful people. Actually they are not people but remnants of overlords once in power but now defeated. The battle continues as we speak. Our best mind continue to out think and out play their efforts, Hallelujah. I am with them in mind only, my warring days are behind me.

Courage is needed on your part to get through these next few months. It is challenging and looming before you. I consider all is well, however, no matter what you see for I have x-ray vision in these matters.

My constant approach to this time is necessary along with others who do the same. We maintain our vigilance of service to all. We are happy to be of help for each of you is always on our minds and hearts. Our path is straight and powerful. We shall prevail, it is certain. I am at peace.


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