June 30, 2020

We, who are leading you into this new country are hesitant to drive you beyond your capabilities. It is done with finesse and strength of character on your part. A tremendous heart felt endeavor requiring seeds that have been planted long ago. Please be patient with us in our instructions for this happening as we lead you upon new waters of immense depth and intonation. I am reluctant to push you further if you are not ready. It will happen in its own good time. You have earned it my chelas. I am proud of you.

Ours is a happy venture and details are important, oh so very important or you might falter and that is not necessary or wanted. Give it time to solidify within the new vibrations forming. It can be done right and this is our wish for each of you. Let us excel in our direction of you. It is God’s wish that this be done so. We fail you not. Trust in us. I am affording you a chance to conquer your reluctance and apprehensions by simplifying the terminology.

It is done,


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