July 5, 2020

Our instincts are to stay where we are and not move out of our comfort zone. This is necessary for us to maintain the status quo. Circumstances at this point require us to make changes and defy our usual behavior. Lest us look at some of the needs on our horizon.

After much consideration it has been decided that great effort is needed to implore everyone to ignore policy as usual and get out and drum up interest in making this contact with us. Our input is vitally necessary for you to continue in the right direction. Delay is not an option. Inform others of our desire to do this. Instructions for your well being are mandatory for you to proceed without fail.

Declare our timing is imminent and we come in haste for your welfare. There are things you do not understand and things that will affect millions. We are coming regardless but calm acceptance is the better option as you can see. Our plans are made and we implore you to venture out of your comfort zone and get this done. Do not let your reluctance keep you from taking this in hand. I am concerned for the many that do not know us in any way. Our help is needed for your understanding of the laws concerning your planet and the structure of the process it must go through.

Preparation is necessary on your part for what is to come. Be informed and save lives, this is a must for the best outcome. There is so much you do not know that pertains to your continued lives in this matter. Do not hinder our giving of information to you for you will suffer consequences of not knowing and reaping the cost.

Our love for you is great and cannot be quantified. You are the children of God and it is our duty at the request of the One to take charge of your welfare. Our duty is great and we intend to carry it out to the best of our ability. Help us to do that in a timely manner. We beseech you in the name of God to be open to our request.

Time marches on and we have come to a pivotal point in time for action. The thing is upon us now. You will see but best to see before instead of too late. Have faith and trust in us. We are from the Father on this matter. Take heed for it is now that we have come. My message is counting down. You do not understand how serious this matter is and how can I impress this upon you? WE COME!

Prosper out.

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