July 6, 2020

Although it is necessary to avail myself of negative thoughts about some conditions it is overcome with all the positive things going on right now. I see tremendous advances brought about by members of various groups who band together and join energies bringing about changes undeniably for the better. Everything is improving and our view is greatly optimistic for the future. I kid you not, we are happy with what we see. Although I am concerned with individual advancement in certain areas I have hope that this will improve in the future.

Bringing about change is not easy, especially when it has been thwarted on all sides by strong adversaries who are practiced Do your best to uplift and spread more love for all to benefit from. This is a requirement for change here on this planet and is what is needed at this time. I am certain things will improve in good time and am counting on it.

Our message today is one of joy and consternation. The joy is for advancements made and the consternation is for the roadblocks we have yet to overcome. Our path is hindered and laden with small stones and a few large boulders. The small stones we can handle, the boulders are a bigger problem. Let us say they are political in nature.

Your system is complicated and many avenues are dead ends for us. My engineers tell me earth is progressing nicely with her adjustments but clean up is on going and will take awhile to get to where we feel comfortable with everything. So much has to be done. I am dumbfounded at the political maze that looms before me and scarcely know how to attack the problem. There is no way but to start and see how far we get Very few can be counted on to cooperate and fewer still that understand what we are trying to do. I fall short in trying to explain it to them and I hope they enlighten themselves rapidly.

We can only hope this picks up speed as it goes along. Your challenges on earth for changing the political structure are great and I don’t envy you in the least. This is your country and for you to handle with our help of course. Committees, committees, committees and it never ends and this is for me also. We here meet to find the best way to travel for optimal results. We are doing our best. Be patient with us as we search for the feedback offered from our current approach to your problems.

It is done.


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