July 8, 2020

Afford that which is good to all things in life. Pay attention to little things and notice how synchronicity plays a big part in connecting the dots of life so that it plays out in harmony. Be concerned with all things of God in your choices and fear not concerning practical matters for they play their part in the grand scheme of things.

My lectures provide every day suggestions for a grander life as it is lived. We aim to please for what is life but an attempt to travel further down the road to happiness. I am a philosopher and delve into the meaning of everything. There are reasons behind the fitting together of plans, schemes and everyday happenings. I kid you not. We see things you cannot see and give you good advice from our point of view. Trust us when we speak for ours is given in love so that you can make the most of your hours there on earth.

I practice the same things you do in that I meditate on the questions of life and I seek answers as you do. Life is simple really. We seek the ultimate place with our Creator where peace is abundant and love is freely given in abundance. In that respect we are the same. I seek God and it is as simple as that. Do the same for yourself and see where it takes you.

Things are progressing slowly at the moment but that is to be expected under the circumstances. Change takes time while tending to the details and they are important. We would not want to get the cart before the horse. We would get nowhere. You would laugh at that scenario and I would be embarrassed for sure. We try to set a good example for you to follow if you will notice. I am part of such a large organization that it behooves the mind to keep it all straight at times. So many people involved in this time of earth change.

Follow my lead for yours is an exciting time to be in and we must get it right now that we are here. Teach each other what you know and look to heaven for the rest. The answers are within each of you and you have the key. As close as your breath is the answer to all questions, there is no secret, just time spent within. Don’t look so surprised. You thought it was always locked away from you? Of course not. It is calling your name. Delay not in this endeavor.

Turn to God in your time of need but also in your time of joy, happiness fun and peace. It is the same thing, you see. It all comes from Him. All of it. A constant application to be used at all times and this also is simple. Can you not see it? Love is simple. Give of it freely and take of it freely. It is the way of things. The philosophy lesson is over. It is done.

I am Prosper

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