July 9, 2020

I am designating individuals to serve in their regions and this will help in the long run. Their talents are different and their contributions will not be the same. It is time for all to be aboard on this. Many minds have collaborated on this avenue of progress and it is time we started getting certain things done.

One area is ecology. Nature needs help with pollution and clearing away of certain industrial waste This is a big concern and will involve many. Have your people informed of this need so all will be on board. We can no longer remain hidden in your skies and must get started in earnest. It is with great concern that I initiate this project. Time is wasting. We have been improving your planet for some time and we remained hidden but things will now change. Our ships will be uncloaked and there will be witnesses to these projects.

Another area is politics and we have discussed the difficulty on this front. We continue to make inroads into the challenges that prevail in this area. Suffice it to say it is difficult but must be done. You asked for help and now we give it in the best ways possible.

Contacts and connections will be made in this area and they will be as a shock in most cases but that can’t be helped. This day was bound to come and now it is here. It is our sworn duty as we combine efforts in your best interest for earth. I have spoken in meetings and committees at length and so have others and now we begin at this point in your history.

Let us get to it then and I will keep you updated as to how things go. Hopefully it will all be good news. Deliberation time is over and action time is here. It is done.

I am Prosper

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