July 11, 2020

Let us begin. Offering contact has been on the table for quite some time. It has been met with obstacles over and over again. There is no time left and we must begin to at least attempt this objective. I am of the opinion that it will be met with aggression and fear. It was not my design for this to happen but we must go ahead anyway.

It will commence rapidly and the onset is immediate. World wide sightings will begin immediately for time is of the essence. I pray for the safety of all involved and wish no one harm in any of this. Our duty is large and we feel the weight of carrying this out successfully for there are steps to follow. There is a control issue ongoing concerning aggression in other countries. It must be stopped at all costs and it is serious. The last great gasp or stand of the dark. I am saddened at this event and wish it were different.

Can you please attempt to follow up on what you can do at this time to initiate this dissemination of information about? (Yes, I can) I am at a loss to any other avenue at this time. Our presence must be known and God help us we must be seen as friendly. We mourn, it is sad but we must face the inevitable and get to it. I am on call at this time and must depart. Al be well with you.

I am Prosper

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