July 12, 2020

I am behooved at the response to your messages to the public. You’d think this would garner more attention than it did. Little do they know how important this time is to all of them. We aim to bring such freedom and prosperity to your planet but our intentions go unheeded. It is with sadness that we continue to attempt disclosure on a grand scale but are still thwarted on every turn It is inevitable that we must make a showing in force to get attention. Then will they listen?

We have many with knowledge that we come but few are listened to by the majority of people. It has to be this way to continue. We gather in your skies to proceed with fervor of intent and hope for the best.

After there is a showing we seek a voice to all. Will they listen? Maybe not but we have a duty to carry out. I implore you to speak at every turn, to enlighten wherever possible and bring this part of your destiny to a close and therefore a new beginning.

It is a must that I am called away at this time. I leave you with hope and a duty to fulfill. I am Prosper

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