July 14 2020

Be at peace my little one. I am headed for the last and final meeting of the day and it precedes the visual part of the UFO sightings. We have come together on a method of understanding what is needed at this time for the people to get on board with us.

I pray this all works out as planned and there is good fruition from this procedure. Of all the things we have been through it seems the biggest hurdle is the toning of our appearance upon your earth. I am most happy concerning your abilities and see a future for us in them.

At this time I proceed with our plans and wait to see what transpires. It is all good I hope and we pray there will be no bloodshed anywhere. Be at peace little one for our journey is coming to another crossroads.

This is optimal communication time for me. I am grounded in this venture wholeheartedly and it is consuming all of my time at present. We wait and see how things turn out so we can know what to do next. I am optimistic about this and scans of reception look good . It is my hope and prayer that all will go well.

Any questions? (Readers want to know who you are with and where you are from) I am with The Pleiadian forces and come on a wave length of light from far away. At present I am lodging on a ship with others for these meetings and we gather here for brain storming concerning your planet. Yes it is a connection of some importance that I speak to you but all is important with this long held occupation of ours for the betterment of earth. The mind boggles with input of information involved and it all has to fit together well or it won’t play out according to God’s plan. A huge concerted effort on our part considering how many different heads are involved. I kid you not there are thousands that meet repeatedly on these problems and how to carry them out. Sometimes we are dumbfounded at how things have played out with delays and setbacks but we go forward for it is our duty to continue to help.

Exacerbated delays have been the theme in this long drawn out saga of freedom for your people. The dark was truly entrenched in their determination to not let go, no matter what the offers on the table have been and they were good ones at the time. Now they have squashed their last chance into the ground and we have had to take drastic measures to see them out of your lives and that is our goal.

I am aghast at the dastardly deeds they have carried out and taken so many with them. God forbid! They will never do this again upon any earth plane. We promise. I feel strongly about this. It went on too long as it is. They forbid any compromise whatsoever and that was their stance in the matter. It is a shame for anyone to have to go through what you did on earth. My conscious feelings shudder at the thought of what has happened.

All that is now in the past and just for the history books. We see light at the end now and on to the next step. Communication. I am encouraged at this. It is a start.

I must take leave now. It is OK to publish all my words if you like. It is done.

I am prosper.

One thought on “July 14 2020

  1. Hello, letting you know that I started posting your messages on Gab.com/satnayama. I started with the latest (March 14). If I have done things incorrectly, please let me know. I am a bit of a recluse, and have by choice zero presence online. So I have no followers yet. Am thinking of ways to get the message out. I found you through abundanthope.net -> Talk it up.

    Am heartbroken that the Forces of Light work so so hard and we wake up so so slowly. I want to thank you, Lightwarriors, for all your efforts. I cannot wait to see you in our skies, without surrounding clouds.

    In love and light


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