July 15, 2020

Let us begin. Efforts are beginning for disclosure and all is atwitter here. The schedules have been made and instructions have been given for this monumental occasion. I have much hope for all involved this day.

Let us talk about perception of us. We have touched on first impressions and this is so important for us to begin on the right foot. I am in agreement that this be done in a certain way so as not to engender fear in anyone. Seeking a connection with people of earth takes mental acuity and much background research on our part.

Preparation for a voice to speak to everyone, and this includes all languages, has been decided as to the avenue of delivery. We have chosen a bright intelligent official having experience in this field from the past. He is Angelic in nature and is not known to you as yet. A mighty Light to behold is he. I am impressed with him in every way and aspect of his being.

He comes highly recommended to us . You will be amazed at his knowledge and wisdom but more so his ability to impart information to you in an understandable way. This plan is from God and looks good in its execution. Do not tarry to inform all that you can for it has begun.

Please engender a non aggressive attitude in all and listen first to what we have to say. This is happening one way or the other. Better to do it God’s way than throw caution to the wind. I have high hopes for a smooth transition in these matters and think all will be well for there are too many upon earth that know us and are looking for this day in a grand way. We feel welcomed in so many hearts already that it is a grand relationship with many.

Hope springs eternal in our hearts. Are there any questions? (An observation. So many people tend to lump all aliens together as if they are the same. It needs to be corrected) Good observation on your part. It will be done I am sure. Thank you. This is about to unfold today in most places as your world turns. We are under a great Light and directive from on high and we will succeed in this if my prayers and wishes are answered. No harm to anyone. I must be off. See you in the skies soon. Sounds like a movie marquee.

I am prosper

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