July 16, 2020

Let us begin. Circumstances remain in place for disclosure. Delays are inevitable but we are on schedule. Briefings given remind all involved to take care with outlooks concerning emotions on the ground. Our time is here.

Things were not conducive for the go ahead at the moment because of prevailing attitudes on other subjects. Serious events transpired concerning aggression in other countries that had to be dealt with immediately before we could proceed. The desire to take lives, and many lives was prevalent and threatening and this was not allowed. It was contained and now on to our plan for disclosure. Keep the faith in this for it will happen. Other events are needing tending to and it is all hands on deck. Yours is such a complicated situation there on earth that it behooves the mind to deal with it all and especially at the same time.

I remain encouraged at our reception for you are ready for peace and have been for some time now The elements that brought censorship are in its final days and there will come a time soon when truth will be spoken to all who want to listen. There had to be an intervention for this to happen. It was not avoidable. Control and domination was the long term goal of a few and they will pay the price as God has given His permission to deal with these elements. I wish we could have proceeded yesterday but allowances must be made when things are this serious and eventful. You would understand if you knew what things were planned for your world. I will not dwell on the destruction and sadness that was prevented.

Keep looking for us as we will be there in force and I tell you God’s plan will not be thwarted. It is with high hopes that we prepare for this and you can make your plans around this event. I continue to see grand things for your world and freedom is the one thing that is at the top of the list. It was a long time coming and you have paid an incredibly high price for your incarceration in lies and greed. Things will be set right and you will feel the joy of living as was intended upon your beautiful planet.

I take my leave now. I feel good.

I am Prosper

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