July 17, 2020

Let us begin. I am offering a hostage situation emergency result or remedy to the citizens of earth. You have been held hostage for many years now and that time is over. Here is what I propose for you, my children. Take time to think of what you want out of life and then imagine yourself in it. See it as accomplished and that will be your future. It is that simple. I know you are inexperienced at this and it will take practice. All that is good is on the table for you. You just have to imagine it and take it.

Be brave and try this. It is not instantaneous nor is it magic. It is a law and the way things work on your planet. Actually it is the way things work everywhere almost. You deserve to be free to choose the type of life you want to live or experience. Bondage is a nasty thing. It robs you of so many things and in so many different ways. BE FREE, my chelas and see how happy you can be. It is what God intended for you on this planet.

Speaking of your planet it is your responsibility to care for and so many repairs need to be made. Be good stewards and get these done as soon as possible. Stop polluting your water and the land with chemicals and poisons immediately. You are consuming what is in the ground from the plants and it is not good. My geologists tell me they have rescued quite a bit of land back to where it needs to be.

Continue this effort and enjoy this beautiful and magnificent planet you have at your disposal. You are right about the Native Americans. Land is really not to be owned but is free to all. Consider the word possession for a moment. This land is a gift and not to be fought over for sure. Work this out in your own way, though and see how it goes.

There is a lot of work to be done after we come. The decisions for the most part are up to you. We will not do all the work for you. We help and direct for the best possible ways to continue. Harmony is the key to all and everything. The energy of the universe is at your disposal.

I digress. Efforts are underway for disclosure and I know you are tired of hearing that. I am also. Lets get this done for the betterment of all concerned. My flying days are still a thrill for me and I plan to take part in this procedure first hand. I will wave to you from on high. You can look for me if you like for I will be there over your country. This whole thing thrills my heart and I am glad to see it come. So many hours have gone into this and all for you.

The complications are great and complex but things are strategized and worked out into sections and the world will be done and no one will be left out. See us with clear eyes and open hearts for it is in your best interest that we do this. I am on my way now to the giving of the word for this to commence. It is a historical occasion and many will be there just to see all the ships decloak. Let it not be in fear that you receive us for this is of God we come. Hear our words and take them into your hearts. Time will tell and the time is now. Be at peace and let us begin to give you truth about what has happened on your planet all these years. It will set you free. And this is our goal.

It is done and I am Prosper.

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