July 18, 2020

Let us begin. After all this is done there are big concerns that need to be met. In addition to the earth recovery there is a teaching program that is scheduled to commence shortly and it will cover the most important things first. Then regularly scheduled lessons given to all concerning attitude, behavior and way of life for everyone. I give of it freely and no one is forced to listen but I cannot stress enough how important these are.

Your off track planet must be returned to its original glory state of being. So much time has been wasted by wrong dong that it needs to be corrected and no more time is to be wasted, hence the lessons. Often a planet is coerced into right doing but this is a free will planet and choice is still given. You are in such need that I cannot imagine anyone not wanting a better life as soon as possible. Maybe it will catch on, I hope so.

Everyone will notice the difference and the weight will be lifted. It is the only way I know how to describe it to you. A greater state of happiness and joy as you expand your consciousness in every direction. The colors will seem brighter and the water will sparkle more. Nature will take on a new importance for you and be more beautiful. All life will be enhanced. It is wonderful to behold. The flash or event is forthcoming when the time is right for it, and not before. We will most likely be in your skies before it comes now. That has changed. It is important to follow the indicators that lead us .

All is in preparation for our coming. Time is different for us and we go by events and not a clock. I know this is hard for you to understand because of your long history with time but it is more conducive to perfect timing for us and we live by it.

Concluding to say we are at peace with all plans and look forward to meeting you in all instances and on all planes of existence that you wish. We are multi-functional and access all avenues that are necessary. It is with great pleasure that we attend to this for you have worked for so long in your prayers and asking for help that we are glad to be of service to a most deserving planet and in God’s service. It is our pleasure to do so. I will be busy for several days now and may not be available to you. Be at peace with this and not concerned for it is necessary. I will contact you again when ready. I am in service to you.


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