July 20, 2020

Let us begin. I have been busy at meetings again and these are big ones to decide how to proceed. It has come to our attention that many are not ready for sighting UFOs in your skies and to do so would be harmful for them. I regret the anticipation of those in the know for you have been disappointed so many times before on this subject. You look forward to this event with such faith and ardor and I am encouraged by this.

Our decisions involve a waiting period of sorts to rectify some thoughts you have concerning visitation by our kind. Movies of destruction do not help. Hollywood has a way of turning things around to the negative for entertainment sake and this encodes the mind. How can we come in the best of ways? We must try to lay a platform of sensibilities on the positive side for you first. This is the plan. It is regrettable there is another delay for a short period. State of mind is important for all in order to be received well. I am knowledgeable on many subjects and education is one of them. The information must be received at first and not after we come. It is done and information will be available to all on this subject from high authority in your world.

Agreements must be kept and announcements must be made for all to hear. I kid you not the time has come for this to happen. It should have been done long ago but there was opposition in huge amounts. Order must be returned to government and truth must be told so things can be corrected. Let us begin to do so. I see it happening within the next few weeks. There will be an announcement of extreme importance to the public and we will see how it lays on the minds of individuals first and then proceed further with truth. Our decisions were agreed upon by all concerned on this and I am confident it will play out well in the proclamation. You will be amazed but relieved for you have known all along we are real.

It is with love and compassion that I address you in this matter so that you may know what is going on with us. We try not to keep you in the dark any more than we have to for secrecy was important in the past to deceive the dark of our plans. And so it continues that transition time is complicated and mixed with some amount of confusion on your part I’m sure. Do not loose trust in us. You are our utmost focus of care and good will. Our love is grand and all encompassing for we act on the wishes of the Father of all. I leave you now for procedural things that have commenced and I must be there.

I am Prosper

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