July 22, 2020

Let us begin. It is with angst that I report to you this morning. Things are not suitable for advancement at this time. Complications are upon us at all turns and we have no cooperation to help us advance. I confer with others about this roadblock and it is complex and eludes us as to how to go around these roadblocks. What a conundrum. One of the most difficult missions I have ever encountered. Suffice it to say I proceed with caution.

Here we have a world of people waiting for our help and us with no clear avenues to continue. I dare not convey my discouragement but take this time to encourage you not to give up on us and circumstances. We will find a way around this interruption in our plans. Time is on our side and they cannot hold out forever. It must come to a head.

On the up side attitudes are in faith and understanding on your part and I applaud you for this mental discipline. You are magnificent in your desire for a better life upon your earth and you have certainly paid your dues for this to happen. Contrary to popular belief there are many in your government that also wish for the same for you and themselves. More are coming over to a good side every moment now and it is a good thing to see. The new energies are having their effect upon everyone and some are really responding in a positive way. All we can do is continue in the same avenue we planned on and wait it out. Things will change and you will be happy at the result.

Be of good cheer as I do not mean to bring you down. This has happened before and it was transpired with good endings. There are so many of us and we outnumber those working against us by thousands. Our energy is of the highest and that also is in our favor. Our attitude is constant as we do not give up on any of you, not one. Our love for you dwells in our hearts and minds constantly. I will keep you updated and advised of current events as they happen. We fail not.

It is done. I am Prosper

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