July 23, 2020

Let us begin. I am groping for answers to our dilemma at present and will not give up. Just a small delay and things will continue forward after this resolution. Roadblocks are inevitable and without fail they will appear. It is predominately secure in our trip to your skies soon. We will be there to greet you and give you a glimpse of what we offer. Our help has always been there but better that you see something concrete than have questions in your mind.

We are real as you are, just in a higher place of evolvement which is where you are headed. It is time you got a view of things to come for you. The promises we offer are not pie in the sky, they are grounded inevitabilities if you work for them. It is the law of things and the way your existence is set up. A journey back to God and Prime Energy, which is Love and Light. The essence of all things made. Fantastic isn’t it! A world from thought and so it is. Wondrous but true. So many things we have to tell you and all just as wondrous and magnificent. We look forward to imparting this wisdom to your people and have now for some time.

Enlightenment is magnificent to see in someone and the light increases with each advancement you make on this journey. We have enjoyed watching you come this far and you have made us amazed at your endeavors to complete this process. We honor you in this effort and applaud your courage in many instances because of your bravery to overcome what has been set upon you. You will understand more when you find out what has been put in your way and how you have been oppressed. A shame that this was done to you. Children of the Father have the right to be free and live life to the fullest on their own terms and not under the behest of rulers with no compassion and only thinking of themselves. They are to be removed completely if they do not change for the better and this is a promise. We have been given the right to do so. All is permitted now to getting you the help you need in a fashion that does no harm to the masses. There are limits that we must confine ourselves to and we do this as required.

I am oppressed in my wishes for you but that will change and you will be set free if we have anything to do with it. Glory and hallelujah, it will be done and is being done now. If only you could see what we are doing. Some day you will know. We do not have on the scene reporting as you do but all our movements are recorded for history and for legal purposes so it can be reviewed. We are held accountable in everything. Of all things done you remain at the top of our movements and actions and we will see this through until all are free from the tyranny that has accumulated over the years. I behave badly in the presence of your imprisonment but that is another story. It is for another time that this is told. Suffice it to say I am on your side. I have my voice and I use it at times when I should be more discrete. It is an emotional issue with so many of us that we remain attentive to your plight. We are not always angelic in nature but erupt in shall we say vigorous language with each other. I digress.

Our love for you is great and I remain so devoted to this project of liberation that it consumes me along with others. We are on a mission ourselves to liberate you and will not rest until this is done. I give you my word on this. We love all of you and no one is outside of this feeling we have. Not one remains alone without help or assistance. You are just not able to see this at this time. It will be proven later and then it will sink in what we have done for you. A part of the time of awakening soon to come. It is just around the corner where the light is coming from. It goes together you see. You will rejoice in adulation to your Creator over this when revealed. Ours is a work we throw ourselves into because we want to be of service and we fail not. It is done.

I am Prosper.

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