July 27, 2020

Good Morning and it is indeed. The view is lovely from here and the things I see are good to view. We continue to be seen over the world and acknowledged. Undeniable for sure. It continues and this is the fun part of our journey. Wish you were here. It is fascinating to behold, the unveiling of our ships is like unveiling the truth that has been sealed for so long and kept from you. A truly propitious time in your history and things will never again be the way they were.

I am still in awe at your beautiful planet and I have seen a lot of planets. Yours is indeed an emerald of the skies, such beautiful colors and diversity you have been given and it is your responsibility. Do her justice and work enthusiastically to repair the damage that has been done. You will be instructed and guided in the process. It was all worth it, the years of waiting and working and trying to overcome the dark. We rejoice and soon you will also. Now time is on our side and we will make the most of it.

I am in your skies and viewable. We are in force and yet only part of the large fleet is visible. Speculation runs rampant on how long it will take your government to speak of us. They are a big holdout. Only the ones with nothing to hide will come forward and speak. Secrets to the end and still trying to deceive you and keep truth from you. Will they never learn! We overcome their desire to withhold with our presence and in the end you outnumber them with your desire for truth. You have so much power and do not realize it. When God is behind you you cannot fail.

This is even more than a vacation for me. A truly impressive event and not only here but word travels over all known existence that you have been liberated. One day you will know what a big deal this is. I am soaking it all up as best I can for this feels good and I needed to experience it. You will see and you will comprehend in time. I am happy. It is done.

I am Happy Prosper

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