July 28 2020

Let us begin. Here it is the time of declaration and truth is upon us at every turn. We intend to acquaint you with the basics first and then go on to the details. It has been a long time coming and we have lots of territoriality to cover. The teaching will be done by broadcast from our ships and you will have total access to them world wide. This also is a big endeavor and will take some time to get to it all. I am aware of your concerns on earth and we will touch on most subjects to clarify them in their expression and facts. Our speakers will be several and all easy to listen to. There will be no video at first. That will come later.

I am continuing with the sightings over large cities and now we will venture into smaller areas. All will see us eventually for we are many and we have that planned down to the countryside. Of course it depends also on how large the ships are. A mile or so big and it would be hard to miss. We do not want to overwhelm you at this time. My part in this is logistics and planning for the disclosure and we are in the midst of that. It has been amazing and monumental at the very least and I am so glad to be in a first row seat. I can gauge the reaction of those viewing and so far it has been spot on in our hopes and wishes. Your country has yet to mention it anywhere in the news and that was to be expected because of the total lack of honesty concerning our existence. The days of secrecy are numbered for we prevail on this matter. Our benevolence encompasses all concerning the people of earth and we fail not.

The time of lying is over and the time of the liar is also over. They will be replaced with those who will be open and honest with everyone and this is what makes leadership so important. They will be chosen carefully and on your terms, not the way things have been done in the past. What a sham has transpired in your past and it went on for years. So much deception and deceit perpetrated on the American public and no remorse whatsoever. I have never seen such things on any other planet that lasted this long. Your government takes the cake, so they say.

My team of flyovers is having fun and they perform with joy and adulation to the Father for this opportunity to do so. It is grand. I am still reveling in this part of things and it feels good. This is a pleasure and I intend to avail myself some more of this pleasure. Sometime in your near future I will be appearing in the skies over your home and you will see us/me first hand. A feature to come as it were. Allow me some levity, please for this is the proper time and place for it. So long has it been serious and foreboding a situation. Freedom is a wonderful thing and you are being liberated worldwide. It has been directed by our Father for this to happen. I am in glee and it feels good. What submission you have displayed and not knowing what was going on. It will never happen again on your world. It is done.

I am Prosper

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