July 29, 2020

May we begin. It is with joy and delight that I contact you this morning. The sun will rise on a new day and freedom will reign once again on your beautiful planet. I am still amazed at the beauty offered here to everyone to partake of it. What a gift! Such diversity.

I feel those viewing our ships are doing so with glad hearts and the time is right for this to happen. Some aggression will appear in small pockets but for the most part it is a grand success we have here, one I did not imagine would go this well . My expectations have been greatly exceeded. Well worth the wait for this reaction to happen. Just a little more of this world wide and then we go on to breaking into another part of our disclosure. The plans are set and will proceed whenever ready. Those on board are still with us on this and it looks good.

I find the elements needed for this to be successful are well laid out and all it needs is for the American people to accept our words for contemplation and consideration. It will take time for them to accept as they have a long history of being lied to and being deceived. They are wary of new information and especially from us, partly thanks to your Hollywood films which scare them royally. Very convincing that we could be destructive and not benevolent as we are. I am encouraged and uplifted at the moment and progress with the best of hopes on both your part and ours. May we all find happiness from this encounter and developing friendship.

It is with determination that I continue as the work is laid out before me and the job continues. I am in charge of many aspects of this venture and the responsibility is heavy upon me to see that this is accomplished correctly. Thank you for your part in this as it is going well and I am pleased. Be diligent to this process and accomplishment will come to you.

Be not apprehensive at the coming events in your country as things get complicated when changes are made. They will even out and peace will come after adjustments are completed. Many will disappear from office and be replaced with new faces but better leadership will follow from them. They are chosen from their abilities and heart’s desire for this country. Believe in them and support them for it is on High that they have been chosen.

Liberty and Freedom will once again come to your land and to the world. It is a fait accompli I see for you. I am being summoned and must go. It is done.

I am Prosper

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