July 30, 2020

It is with joy that I communicate with you this morning. All is going well and I am seeing the response I had hoped for all across your country. It is heart warming and gives much hope for things to come. I continue with the plan and this is working out so well that surely your country will have to acknowledge us soon. You’d think!

Let us begin with wisdom. It is learned from experience and failures. Failures are a gift and much can be learned from them. Life here on earth is such a good learning experience and that is why you have been given many opportunities to partake of the experience. Some of you have learned much and some keep on making the same mistakes over and over again. Be at peace with the many lives you have chosen for they were in your soul’s best interest and were a gift to you in this arena. What a place to learn and so beautiful.

Giving of yourself to others is service to others and directed by God’s laws. It is THE way of life and should be your mantra. Most of you are busy with so many things concerning money and trying to pay your bills and get ahead. In the back of your mind always is the thought, or should be the thought , of service to those that need your gifts and all of you have areas and opportunities to do this for others. It is fulfilling and doesn’t cost anything.

So often you get caught up in your daily routine that you forget what life is really all about. So many rules and constrictions you have and so much paperwork. The poor trees that give their lives for such useless records! Learn to start each day with asking for guidance on how to live each hour in the service of God and you will be amazed at what the flow of God’s thought can bring to you and to others through you. It is magnificent. When you align yourself with the universal power and ask to be used in His service so much can be accomplished and just think if all others did the same thing. Your world would flourish in leaps and bounds and you would see amazing results in no time at all.

I am on to the task at hand and disclosure for America and especially North America is working to be free at the moment and will follow the selected schedule. All is still in cooperation with us and this is good. Such a change from the past when no one would budge an inch on this topic.

Speaking of secrets there are more announcements to be brought out and on various topics. Grab your seat belts and hang on for this is now going to be a bumpy ride and you thought you had bumps in the past. You haven’t seen anything yet. Shake a tail feather, as the birds do and go with the flow of unveiled facts made available just for you, all in the vein of truth. You are worth so much more than to have the truth available for you to see. You deserve this, even though it will be a shock to you. It is done with love for things have to be set straight and now is the time in your history for this to happen. Be prepared. Even those who think they know what is going on will be shocked for we will see that you have access to what is real.

All done with love by our Father’s direction and command. His decision to do so for you are his children and always will be. I leave you now and get on with making way for you to have this time of truth.

I am Prosper

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