July 31, 2020

Let us begin. I am glowing at the moment because things are going so well. We have steps to complete but all is in order to proceed. We are waiting on America to come forward with an announcement and we will see who comes through with that step and this will make a world of difference as to the wording they use and how it is received with each individual. Also it will take awhile for it to hit the airways throughout the Nation. All need to be on board with this information. It is necessary for further progress.

In the scheme of things all looks good so far. We continue with our successful sightings and reception is heartening all around the world. On to the next step. Education and things are set up for broadcast. We will take over some of your broadcasting stations and go from there. We will have no interruptions for this as this part needs to begin on solid ground. It is imperative this be done correctly.

I am in charge of part of it and the speakers have been chosen with much care. Highly understandable for your country and all countries will be heard in their own native language. Clever aren’t we! We are practiced at some things and this is one of them. The reception is the key factor here. How will we be received with our information? Sighting a UFO is one thing but hearing a voice not from this planet is totally another. We have to be known as real at some point and now is the time for this.

On to the education on paper or on website. It is our belief that a person travels their path alone in connection with their Heavenly Father. Each person is responsible for their actions in each life time and this is reviewed upon death. There is no hiding of anything. Total transparency as Father knows all things pertaining to each of his children. It is recorded in their Book of Life and on their timeline. How else will you learn. You receive instruction and counseling not only at the end of your physical life but whenever you ask for it. You are assigned teachers and angels throughout your life for this purpose. It would be good if you acknowledged them and asked for their help and most importantly you listened to them. Be assured, no one is alone in any lifetime. You are loved beyond your knowing on this matter.

It encourages me that you have listened so far at this point in your history, those of you who read here. The big challenge are the millions who have not listened and who do not know of us to begin with. How will they react? How will they adjust to the knowledge that there are others living at other places in your universe and outside your universe? This is the question. We will see.

I go now and prepare for this broadcast at the perfect moment in your timing. A few more days yet for the sightings, which continues to go well. I just shake my head at the US of America, sticking to their lies up to the last moment possible. How will they explain it when our voice comes to the world? Will they be embarrassed when we tell the world they always knew of our existence? Tune in tomorrow as the world turns.

I am Prosper

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