August 1, 2020

On to today’s message. It is with joy that I broaden the venue of activities brought forth at this time. Our plans encompass more territory now and we venture out into other areas or avenues to accomplish on our list of things to be done. We have had much success so far and I hope this continues. Our next venture is that of education and this is being contemplated in depth at the moment. I continue to farm out inquiries as to the broadcast plans and people involved and wait for feedback to be given. It is looking good at the moment and this information is mandatory for the beginning. Our sightings are continuing and I am still happy over the success of this part.

We will not send those with two heads or long fangs to greet you. Suffice it to say we will be looking mostly like you do and this will get things started. I have my levity here. I am pleased to convey my greetings along with others in hopes that you, as a group mind, will take our words to heart and consider them in depth as we try to undo so many years of false teachings, whether it was clear deception or just random wrong thinking and perceptions of what is. It has to be corrected to establish truthful grounds to lay other meanings upon.

This teaching may take years for those who are interested and I am thinking of your scientists and doctors and astronomers. Laws of the creation will not change and have been in force since the beginning of things. You must know them in order to understand other things. It all has to make sense for you. Your teaching is inadequate at present to get from here to there. I enjoy this part of teaching and education and think I am good at it. We will see how I come across with things and how you receive them.

We are driven to succeed in this and will not give up. We greet you inhabitants of earth with joy and satisfaction of work done so far by both you and our team. A joint effort, so to speak that has been heart warming and will be recorded in history as those far away read of this success after a long period of struggle. A day of dawning with bright sun and joy.

I bring this to a close now and leave you with this understanding. We love you in depth that is difficult for you to understand. One day you will know our heart’s desire for you to be happy and live a better life than you have had on this earth. It is done.

I am Prosper.

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