August 2, 2020

Let us begin. Our staff here has been buzzing over all the country trying to get the most sightings as possible. It is a fun job and they are delighted with it. We see so much recognition in their aura and we can read this and it is quite accurate. We continue to do this and wait for your government to comment on these appearances. Our goal is total saturation so everyone can say “I saw one.”

Now is the most opportune time for getting the word out that we exist and we tend to take full advantage of it. Our revelations of truth must begin soon for we have quite a lot of territory to cover. I am also looking forward to this part as conveyor of words and meanings but the reception will be mixed I am sure. Will they listen? I hope so.

There are those in your government that will do their best to try and block this information from ever getting to the citizens of earth. They will FAIL. We will see to it for this is from God, your Father that this directive comes. They will not go against Him.

Be assured that I am on top of things and monitor the status of our reception and take this into my consideration. We are good at monitoring and have been doing so now for decades. You’d be surprised at what all we are capable of doing and if you think on this you will know we have nothing but love and compassion for you. It would be helpful if you could monitor our intentions also for then you would have your confirmation of us.

Be satisfied with things as they are unfolding and know that it does take time for all this to happen in an integrous order for it to be successful. We plan for success. This is not our first rodeo, as it were. Our ships are mostly of one size that we are showing right now but rest assured that we have huge ships waiting to be unveiled at the proper time. It is our way of doing things.

My best to all of you who read here. My words are taken in by loyal readers and I hope they are spreading the word to others. That is an important and necessary part of this whole thing, word of mouth from one to another. Like something catching but in a good way it will spread. On that subject let us discuss the virus. It will come to a halt soon and we will see to that. It will die a natural death but we will give it help to fade away. It is time you had this burden lifted from you plates. Better days are ahead for you and now we have had the ok to intervene. It is commanded that we do this and we carry out our instructions with every detail taken care of. We miss nothing. Our accuracy is perfect on this. The Father would not have it any other way.

Be alert as things will heat up now with us taking over the air ways and at first it will be a shock. We are here and we have something to say. Be at peace my loved ones for we are proceeding with high hopes.

I am Prosper

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