August 3, 2020

Good morning. Let us begin. Often I place importance on messages of current status and progression but today I bring you news of things to come. It behooves me to labor on the same information all the time but I want to reiterate some issues we are having at present. Our ships and sightings are coming along quite well and now it is time for the bigger ships so that more can see them. Fear so far has not been an issue but the conditions of larger ships may change this, I hope not. We come in peace is the term used in your movies.

Let us get on with it then. Your government has been informed that we will not go away and they might as well begin with the disclosure from official offices and persons in position. We mean business in this matter and will not budge on this issue. They vacillate strongly but it is of no use to them. We persist and will continue with our plans. They are stubborn because they are used to having their way. Not now and not anymore. The Father had decreed his wishes in this matter and it is written in stone for us to follow. We are devoted and focused on our completion.

Give us your ear and consider what we have to say for it is truth and wavers not. It will be around even if you do not accept it at first. Be prepared in this part of the procedure and hold onto a steady post for it may get unsettling. Long years and whole lives have been conditioned to falsehoods and this will not be easy for them. Love them and be compassionate toward them and carry on to spread your light to them. It is necessary for those on the ground to keep their lights on as much as possible to spread this vibration of love and acceptance of us.

I continue to keep our ships a little lower each day as to make them more visible and rule out false identifications. We are not planes or weather balloons as many have thought. We are aliens from other planets and we have come at the behest of your prayers for help and relief from the bondage you have allowed yourself to remain in. This is no more the case and you are now free to live your lives in the pursuit of happiness within the laws. It is a given now, things have changed for you and you do not yet realize it and have not spread your wings in this matter. It will come to you and the sensation will exalt the days and time available to be yourself and show your talents to others and to yourselves. We delight in watching you do this. Your energy will soar in this matter and you will be surprised at what you can create in time to come. It will be glorious for you and for us.

We place ourselves in a position of constant anxiety over your reception of our words for they are so far removed from what you are thinking now is the truth. We will not alter or dampen the truth for you. It comes as it is and has always been. Your history of rulers and being ruled is the key point that might disturb you but it is necessary this be done. I waver not in bringing it to you for it is now to be done. Play your part in all this and serve your fellow man in receiving this information from us. It is a partnership and one of the reasons you have awakened to us in the past . Your part is big and can carry a lot of weight in transition of issues and history and make it more palatable for them. We continue to look for ways to bring this to you in less than disturbing manners for we do not want to upset you more than is necessary to get this across. It will all be explained in detail and questions will be answered for you. It is a neat process for we can read your thoughts and questions and take care of any gaps that need to be filled in.

I have it on good authority that things will fall into place and we will get this done more smoothly than I had thought and I hope this is the case. Be at peace for we are with you constantly.

I am Prosper

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