August 4, 2020

Let us begin. Our progress is advancing by leaps and bounds at the moment. Let us be thankful for this small advance and look forward to greater times in the near future. I am still working on the education part and it is being formed as we speak. Those key figures are still on board with us and they are dedicated to getting this announced. I am happy with their dedication and they feel, like we do, that this is the time for giving the truth to the people. I just hope they can handle it. It has been a long time being revealed. Let us look at the finer aspects of some of the issues.

First we have the adrenochrome issue and what is involved with this horrible activity. Then there is the world condition of relationships with other countries and this needs to be settled into a workable give and take for all countries and elements . Then we have the people and starvation, sickness and lack of money to live on. Then there is the monetary system itself to deal with and this is soon to be rectified and that is in process now. It will get better. Also we have the education part of this truth revelation procedure that will be quite an adjustment for all to take in. I gave you a fraction of the reception yesterday for you to see how it could be taken and your reaction was encouraging, but now you understand how some will feel upon hearing the truth about things. It was not pretty or easy for you to see.

Taylor M: I need to interject here what happened yesterday so you will have a full picture and better understanding. I read a referenced article on a website explaining adrenochrome and the issues involved including the acquisition and drinking of blood. It was depressing as I was expecting but what followed was awful. I sank into a mental abyss, as I described it, and it was undoubtedly the worst feeling I have every experienced in my life. Such depression and so scary because I became concerned that I would be unable to crawl my way out and back to a place of peace. At this point Prosper came to me and said I was allowed to experience this so I would know what some people would go through after hearing the truth. It was for informational purposes only and at that point the feeling left and I was back to my old self. It was like flipping a switch.

Prosper: This has to be done gently at first and people need to be given time to adjust to what is real in their world. We are caretakers of each and every one of you on this matter. We will need to read the reaction at every turn before we continue for we do not want to add to your troubles by plunging you into the “mental abyss” as you stated. It was aptly put. We do now have time on our side and there is a process of this information that will give us the splendid results in your mental acquisition of truth that we so need to have.

Citizens, let us begin on this journey together and we will give you strength and encouragement to continue into your new world. It is a beautiful and magnanimous picture that we are seeing for you. Travel it with courage and great anticipation for all things that will give you so much more opportunity than you have ever had. We love this option for you and the gates are open . Travel with joy and happiness into this new Light.

My thoughts are with you as we begin and I waver not on this issue of education. It is a new beginning and hopefully a trusted one on your part for we are here to serve. We proceed. I love all of you immensely and you will see this one day even if you do not see it now. It is done.

I am Prosper.

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