August 5, 2020

Now, Our time is limited before we must begin the education part. It is ready and now available to begin. We have so much to cover and it is proper that we do so immediately and I know you don’t like that word along with others we use but it will begin quite shortly if not soon. There is another word you don’t like, soon. It is appropriate. Be open to our words and avail yourself of them to study and comprehend. Take them down and go over them. It is essential that you do this.

Our ships are continuing to fly lower and lower over your cities and now in the countryside and smaller towns. Wave to us for we are real. Your government is finally beginning to come around to our way of thinking and it is past time that this was done. They really have no choice in the matter. When a planet prays for help so intensely and Christ is listening then a decision is made and help was authorized and now has been given in copious amounts and will continue to be given. It is our service to you that we do this and we are guided in our approach to everything.

I bring you encouragement of sorts in your fight against the virus you are consumed in thought about and that is that the virus is on the way out and will die out and hopefully these times of restriction will be forgotten for you are now freer than you have ever been. There is no need for you to dwell in the past over this and please do not live in fear for it takes so much away from you to do so. Be gone, damned spot, or something like that. It is done.

I find many of you reading these words and it is spreading now by word of mouth. I am glad to see it and hope it continues to do so. I guess advertising was out of the question as your news agencies would not have accepted it. Just give it some time and they will be clamoring for my words on the matters at hand. There are others also who give of their thoughts and teachings and their words will be sought after also. So many opportunities have been missed in this area of communication but that is water under the bridge. Now is the time and it will get done come hell or high water. I kid you not , it is a given thing.

Give of yourself daily to others and help your fellow man through this time of enlightenment by our words. The foundation must be laid and it has to be strong to support all the other information we will give to you. Our plans are set and we begin in due course. Notice I didn’t say soon. In all honestly you have waited far too long for this and we are euphoric here that we begin with all this at hand.

Disclosure is yet to come in a big way but there are so many now giving this information that it cannot be contained any longer. The cat is out of the bag, even though so many of you always knew we were real and here. Heck, there have been aliens in your skies and on your planet for thousands of years so this is not a new thing. Unfortunately they were not all benevolent. Some did you harm and got away with it in the past. No more will this happen now. We will see to that.

I go now and continue to perform my duties, which at the moment are numerous and heavy. It is with joy that I leave you.

I am Prosper.

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