August 6, 2020

Let us begin. In trusting our source we appreciate your efforts to try and believe what we say. I know it is difficult to automatically believe everything that we offer but this is time tested material over thousands of years and it holds true today. It is our history, so to speak, and enters the category of laws and precepts that are constant. The nature of things as it were, and we stand by them and have for some time. It is the foundation of everything else that will be presented.

Let us consider the creation. God brought all this into effect by His thought and Light creation. It all began with thought. The mental process is energy and the Light is energy and it is brought into physical by His wishes on the matter, literally and physically. The elements of this air are present and it certainly is not empty space. You must learn this because all is brought into evolvement from this beginning point. God’s thought process into reality.

Man begins with Spirit and then goes on from there. Your were put into a body later on . The physical body is a secondary thought to give you the opportunity to develop and learn from your mistakes. It is a quicker process than remaining in Spirit alone. Therefore earth and the experiences here are a valued opportunity for you to gain wisdom through the learning process and is not afforded in Spirit alone, at least not at this speed at which you are offered. Be thankful for it for it is not all that get this opportunity to do so. It was a gift to you and some begged for it.

I am considering starting the education process earlier than planned because the reception has been good with this material so far. I venture out on thin ice in expecting you to take in all of my words but we must begin somewhere and now is the time. Our plans remain with the broadcast stations and it looks good from here. I hope everyone goes through with what they have agreed upon. It is imperative they do so for this to work well. My nature is one of dictatorship but I now realize there are those who feel they do have a choice in the matter and yes, they do, but I would not want to be the one to go against the wishes of the Father concerning the liberation of your planet. This has been a hot topic button that has been activated and when the Father decrees it is obeyed by all and there are no exceptions on this. It is one of the precepts of all that is in our knowing existence. His word is law.

So, under that understanding we now proceed to the next step. Our revelations begin asap and they will be heard. It will probably begin with something like “Greetings to all on earth” and this will surely get everyone’s attention. As the old song title was “Turn Your Radio On” is in our thoughts it has true meaning in this instance. Of course most of it will be on TV on the major stations ABC, NBC and CBS. We hope all are on board at that moment. If not they soon will be as every one will want to hear what is said at least at first.

It is an exciting time and nothing will be the same ever again on this planet. The day aliens came to earth and proclaimed the truth about everything. It is a big assignment and we are certainly up to it. What remains is how you will react to it all. We monitor you and proceed accordingly. Blessings be upon you this day in your history and every day forward for we know what you have been through and it was less than terrible for you and planet earth. It is done.

I am Prosper

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