August 7, 2020

Good morning. It is early, I know but things are buzzing and I am off soon for other venues. Keep your TV on today to a major station and listen for an intervention. It is imperative that we start soon on this and I am ready and set. We will see how it goes and hope for the best reception from everyone listening. They will flock to their TV sets soon when this breaks and our words will be heard by millions. I am confident that it will be received well for the most part and that is what we want. A gradual recognition of the truth, no matter how long we have been here in your skies and helping your planet we do not want to shock any more than we have to.

I splurge in the area of over broadcasting because I want all that can to have an opportunity to hear the beginning of the broadcast because it will be the most famous words in your history. You are not alone and yes, God did create others to experience his creation with you. We are not that different from you in a lot of ways and we have families and children like you do. We strive to do the right thing and love one another as commanded and we do continue learning like you do. The main difference is that we are more experienced in the ways of living and learning and do not have war nor do we use money in any way. We are free in that respect and you would do well to strive to that end also. It has worked for us for millennia now and yes, it can be done successfully.

In other areas your planet is beginning to recover and heal and that is where you come in heavily on this front. It is your duty and your place to take charge of this and we will guide you in this respect. Earth was your gift and the responsibility lies with you to see that the wrongs will be corrected and earth will be returned to its original state of pristine beauty. No poisons and no garbage in your oceans and clean water is the goal, or at least some of them. We will get to the details later. Right now we begin the communication with you and laying the foundation for thoughts to come. All this is important in the beginning and is mandatory for the rest to follow.

I am off now to see first hand how this reception goes and wish us luck on the ears that hear us and their reactions to it. I am in anticipation of a good outcome .

I am Prosper

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