August 10, 2020

Let us begin. It has been a long process and yesterday was no exception to this rule. We worked ceaselessly and tirelessly to bring things about to a proper conclusion. Again we ran into snags and proceeded to get them out of the way for a go at this education. Today we will try again for the TV announcement.

I want to be there and watch what happens at the beginning of this talk to each citizen. It is important for me to do so. Let us hope that today things will come about without a hitch in ANYTHING. I go to prepare a place for you to begin and we will take off from there. I dare not promise you anything at this point for you have been disappointed enough and beyond your trusting point. It is unfortunate that you had to contend with this at all. I would have wished differently for you but things are what they are and this whole process has been fraught with setbacks from the beginning.

My hopes are not diminished in this event and I fail you not in any respect on this. I am in your service along with millions who have come to your aid. Be at peace with this process as it begins, please. I go now

I am Prosper.

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