August 11, 2020

August 11, 2020

Let us begin. It is with sadness that I come to you this morning and report that our efforts have met with failure. It is hard for me to admit but there it is. The problems are numerous and once we overcame one another turned up and it continued. They became insurmountable and I had to admit the truth about the situation. Suffice it to say I am more than disappointed. This was our big plan and now it is cast aside. We are looking for another way to get the education part started and at present have not come up with another avenue as promising as the broadcast was.

We will continue to search and we will not give up. I am at a loss at the moment and search high and low and again are in many meetings to solve this dilemma. Please do not leave us or cast aside your trust in us. We continue to work in your best interest for this cause of earth citizens. It behooves us to accept this setback but it does not dissuade us in our determination to continue. We forge ahead.

Let us have another fact session, please. Our universe is vast and wide with planets, life and new creations. It is a continuous process in evolution and is the way things work. New planets are being created all the time and development continues. This takes many years and your planet has been around for thousands of years and has a vast history to go with it. This will be revealed and you will be amazed.

This creation process is done by many advanced souls who have earned the right to do so and are fully capable with this process. They are called Michael Sons. Your Michael Son is Christ Michael Atonn and he did create your planet. He is a descending Son and has earned his stripes with thousands of years of learning and experience. He works directly with the Father in all things and is a Light being. His description is difficult to put into words and He is very powerful and mighty in presence. He resides in close proximity to your universe and oversees all things related. He is fully capable of creation of planets. Yes, this is true. Creation is through God and at the direction of Creator God but at this point Michael Sons work with God in this creation effort.

I know it is difficult for you to take in and this is a big step but bear with me in this as it is a foundation point. There are many Michael Sons and this is a title or designation of achievement. No longer someone in training, so to speak.

Continue with your prayers to The Father God but know there are many between you and Father God that are also on their path of learning and many do have achievements and titles from years of this learning and achievement. There are many beings in God’s creation and no, you are definitely not alone and not the only ones that have been created. It is a vast known world that we live in with many universes and many suns and planets. Your known world is very small and your path is open to much achievement and learning. It is time you opened your eyes and vistas to the knowing of the truth.

Take this in Chelas and deal with it carefully. Do not discard this information before you have had time to consider it. Just because you have not viewed it with your eyes does not mean it is not there. God is great and up until now you have had no idea how great God really is. It is so vast there are many places I have never been. The venturer that I am still has many planets to explore and visit. It is exciting and amazing what God has accomplished. I am still in awe at the beauty of your planet as many planets as I have seen over my years. It is exceptional in beauty. Give thanks for it. It was an extraordinary gift.

This is a beginning and do consider my words. Review them carefully and let them rest gently in your mind for awhile. We are a reliable source of this information as we have been around a while and lived with this information and it is trusted. Be at peace with your decisions to accept or reject. Just give it a chance.

There is much to learn and we are behind in giving it to you. Your advancement in all areas of life depends on this truth and a good foundation. All scientific knowledge has to begin with ideas of truth to begin with. Let us not drift from what is necessary in this building of knowledge for you.

I go again to seek out alternatives of delivering this information to you. I will not give up and am one of many in this endeavor. Be at peace and we fail you not under God’s direction. I go in peace now.

I am Prosper

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