August 12, 2020

Let us begin. At present my mission is stymied and stagnant. It has happened before but I was surprised that it occurred now. We have overcomed more difficult challenges but this is a large one. We will not be defeated and continue to give it our all on the matter. Some possibilities are open to us and we are availing ourselves to explore every avenue. We do not give up and it is not in our nature to do so. We accomplish nothing by doing nothing, so we are quite active at all times on issues. It behooves me to find such roadblocks in this one area and I am constantly amazed at your country’s lack of cooperation on education. You’d think they would want the advancement that this knowledge could bring to not only N. America but to the world. It is beyond me what thinking brings about such rejection and for such a long time. I have never known of others who wanted to remain ignorant of truth.

The soul is everlasting, along with Spirit, which is of Godly measure and content. It is sacred and not only individual but collective with all creation, or nature. All is recorded on this soul level and remains with its learning so that advancement can be made. It can be a tremendous tool and needs inspection from time to time to evaluate what circumstances bring about such learning . Be aware of how you think and how you learn. Do not pass up an opportunity to advance in love, compassion and the desire to be of service to others, the earth and the environment. It is what life is all about and how God created us to be. It is also the most fulfilling of emotions and brings about the happiness you so desperately seek in your lives. How can I explain that service is not something that takes away from you but gives you the food and sustenance you need to not only survive but to advance to higher levels on your path of life. It is what everything is based on and has not changed in importance or meaning, ever.

I beseech you to delve head first into a life of service and do not look upon it as work but as the enjoyment of life in giving of self to make all things better. A possibility of upgrade, so to speak and you do have that power within you to do this constantly for it is God given to you. The universe is full of possibilities for service not only on your planet but the stars are the playground of your desires and we have experienced this for ourselves for thousands of years. What a gift! The doors are open to you and the universe is yours.

I have expounded enough for now and take my leave. It has been a pleasure speaking to you and I go in peace as I hope you do.

I am Prosper

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