August 13, 2020

Let us begin. It is with proper consideration that I propose an alternative to the broadcast and that would be direct intervention of other means of communication. This would involve computers and it might be best if we do not go further with our plans at this time. It would get the word out and encourage education but limit somewhat the number of people that could tune in so to speak, because not all people have computers. I am at a loss to come up with something better at this time.

It will commence shortly and we can get on with education which is so very important. I dare not jinx this avenue of expression and am crossing my fingers at this prospect, I kid you not. It is with great hopes that we have better success with this than we did the other.

In the mean time I continue to expound here as I have been and we will get into another lesson.

The soul is permanent and develops along with learning and experience. There are those walking among you that do not possess a soul and are more of an automaton. These are droid like people and I am reminded of Data on Star Trek, only these people are not as smart. They have been made, or produced, on an assembly line with a human body but have no moral conscience of any kind. They are used at the whim of the dark forces to accomplish whatever they want done and some assignments are dastardly deeds.

Some of these droids are in high places and control a vast area of people. It is so deceiving the work that they do. Fortunately we can spot them a mile away, or more closely 50 miles away. We have vast technology to do this.

So much deception among you and you cannot tell this is going on . You have been so deceived for decades when these droids were placed among you and they had time on their hands to work their way up into the positions of power that were needed. We are seeing that they are taken out of your society and they will be dealt with in our legal system with the appropriate manner and laws.

Until that time they will still hold some of the controls. We will see that they fade away for various reasons. It takes time to do this and has been going on now for awhile. One of our things to do list items to accomplish.

We continue to aid you at all turns where we can and see that you are given a chance to develop with your own abilities and not be coerced into certain ways of life like cattle. You are in the process of being freed from your prisons. Develop your abilities and talents now and see how far you can go with them. So much talent out there that you have and it has been stifled in the past. God never meant for you to be held back like you have been and this has been sad for all of us to see. We have mourned for you as the years and dastardly deeds have been heaped upon you. It is with pleasure that our eyes now view this transition for earth and a “feel good” feeling for us to be part of this transition. We beseech you to take advantage of this time in your history to take wing and fly. Soar to the heights and see what it feels like to be unburdened with restrictions and limits and laws that hold you back.

Think on these things and look at what is going on now in your world. Solve your problems by looking at your leadership. You outnumber the leaders and have more power than you think. View with microscopic eyes at the behavior and mostly the reason behind the restrictions that have arisen before you. Take note of all that goes on and be brave in your scrutiny of others. Rule your nations with courage and strength of character and these are the people you want to lead . Your choice is right before you and it is yours to take in hand and run with. I wish you good choices in your government and leadership. For it all takes agreement in this area and not the bickering and diversity that is going on now. Work together and you will be amazed at what can be accomplished.

I have said enough for now. I take my leave and continue with our plans for education. Go in peace.

I am Prosper

5 thoughts on “August 13, 2020

  1. Does no one leave comments? I have been reading every day and see no commentary. That being said, thank you for your messages. On this end of things, the world is so chaotic and full of terrible situations that need to end sooner rather than later. I was in favor of your original suggestion of simply uncloaking all at once, therefore forcing acknowledgement that could not be hidden.


  2. This is more of a message than a reply to post, but you may do as you like with it. It has occurred to me that with the possibility of the government utilizing Project Blue Beam, where they want to scare people with a fake ‘alien invasion,’ therefore enabling them to further lock down humanity and use it for control, if you actually came out and revealed yourselves publicly, announcing that you are benevolent and are here to educate us, it could thwart their plans altogether. That would be quite a win! If you do not wish to post this, that is fine. I just wanted to share that thought. Thank you!


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