August 14, 2020

Let us begin. It is with agonizing temperament that I take this time to place a hold on education, other than in these posts. Our team is working on a new avenue of informing and it is being examined in depth at present. It may take some time, so things are placed on the table for now. I will continue here and hope that advancements are made soon. There’s that word you don’t like. It is appropriate, though.

Let us look into the aspect of language. It is a constrictive medium to use and our thoughts can become misconstrued quite easily. One person thinks one thing and uses a word and the other has a different meaning for that word. The message is lost in correct meaning to convey a message. Our way of communicating with mental thought is more accurate because emotions and other aspects can be transferred that way. It carries more information with the thought. We have been communicating this way for some time now. I am not suggesting that you drop your vocal communication but I will say that you all have the ability to develop the mental thought process and it is more conducive to accurate conveyance of messages. Just a little idea to put on the back burner, so to speak.

We continue to fly low in your skies and are being seen with a vast number of people talking about their experiences. Larger ships are being used and we will continue this approach. I am encouraged by the sightings and slowly word is getting around with no thanks to your news mediums. The internet is a great source for this and is being used by many to relay sightings and they are describing their experiences in detail. Please continue this.

Amazing to me is your method of skirting an issue because of peer pressure of consideration of what other people think. Important issues need to be discussed and at least faced and addressed. Aliens from other planets should at least get a few minutes of conversation during your day, you’d think. What is going on that you can avoid a subject for decades of your life and attempt to ignore it altogether? It is something I don’t understand. The elephant in the room! I am continuing to work on this aspect of your personalities and trying to find ways of breaking the silence in closed groups about this subject. There is such an opportunity for you to benefit from this give and take of dialogue.

We are not controllers of your lives, we are liberators of them. We are here and we are staying until our job is completed and this will take years and the time depends upon your ability to get things done on your planet. We are in no hurry.

I see that your congress has issued more restrictions on your lives with their machinations and the rhetoric just becomes more complicated with time. More and more words do not make happier people. Things become so complicated that even the attorneys have to crack the books to keep up with ways to proceed in court. Original ideas are done away with and laws become necessary to pile on top of other laws to continue the status quo of things. Where does it stop for you? Now it would seem that you need to re-group and start over with examination from the beginning and weed out the unnecessary rhetoric in your laws and start with the original objective, a free society and country based on individual freedom based on the laws of God. He is the original writer of what should be done and how life should be lived. You can’t get any better than that. Go back and review His words on the matter and use your heads to come up with government that is by the people and for the people and let that stand the test of time.

Yes you can combine government and God’s laws and have them compliment each other and work together for a tremendously happy life. Examine where you are today and see with clear eyes that do not glaze over concerning certain issues. There is still free will on your planet but the allowances to so many ideas have let undesirable practices come into your societies and prosper and it is detrimental to your living to have such erroneous ideas being practiced in your country. Allowing everything is not a good idea for you to be living by. There are restrictions and there are those who go directly against God’s laws and this is not good on any level of accountability. Be astute to rule out those ideas which go against love, compassion and loving one another. It is only common sense to disallow harmful actions against others. Need I go into detail? You know.

Let us begin with a new world, one that pays attention to their past and where it has taken them. Re-plan your base of thoughts and procedures and re-work your laws and your governments of the world and start from there. We are here to help you but it does no good to continue to live with the same corrupt ideas that have not been working for you in the past. Consider a change of big proportion and venture into new territory with your governance of the people. Start with new leaders of higher character and thinking and then revamp your laws and court system. It can be done.

I give you these things to think on and consider. It takes time to change things and you have the time now to get this done. I bring this before you with hopes that you will take time to consider.

I am Prosper

2 thoughts on “August 14, 2020

  1. Seeing your words Prosper… makes me see another ET that wants to help humanity on this planet, one who has a passion for following the rules of “the father” (who I also love and respect), I meditate daily on love and contemplate how I can “help”, the conclusion I come to is… I’m responsible for me and my loving and where my thoughts go, I’m a role player here like countless others (animals, insects, plants, minerals, trees included in this equation), all I can do at the end of the day is be thankful for the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly that I get to see and experience on this wonderful planet, as I stated on Kibo’s blog, my soul and vast array of experiences are at your disposal, the last 2 days of meditations have been quite fruitful, so let me open this dialogue with you and your channel.

    In terms of your wanting people to pay attention to the ET equation… show up with the big mommas as close as allows… give everyone a real good look at that elephant in the room *smile*

    I’ll let this go here, just hit me up anytime within, I’m here to help.


  2. We are going to take advantage of all who offer their help. This is important to know. Hold tight for now and know that you will be utilized in the future at the appropriate time. It is with heartfelt thoughts that I place you on my list of contacts to be thrown in the arena of things when the time comes. Do not give up for this is a long process and I, myself, have been tested with the length of time that this has taken. Be at peace for now but take heed that you will be placed where you are needed. Prosper

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