August 15, 2020

Let us begin. It is with concern that I address you this morning. I am caught up in a negotiation of importance regarding the broadcast of information and lessons. It is complicated in agreement but broad in scope. Many do not want to give up control and feel we are taking over for further detrimental reasons. They do not believe that we are focused with good intentions and also that our intentions may change in the future. They are reluctant to give us any credit and do not want to relinquish any control over their area.

If we could only speak to a broad number of people but we are not forcing ourselves upon anyone at this time. There may be a need in the future for your self preservation and that has happened in the past. We want you to continue life on this planet and we have taken steps in the past to see that you were not all annihilated. Yes, it has happened more than once on this planet. You were just unaware of the circumstances when those of evil intent had rather take out all, including themselves, than live a happy and constructive life under the law. It is a twisted mind that thinks like this and there are so many still on your planet now that need to be removed. The numbers are dwindling but still some remain. They are dangerous and require close scrutiny at all times and we are doing that. Fortunately some control has been taken from them and they do not have the opportunity they once had or they would try to destroy everything again as they have in the past. It is with deep sadness that this situation still exist but it does. We continue to play our parts in this play of power upon your world.

Now to brighter and happier things. I come with news of a good sort regarding your environment and water in large bodies. It is being cleaned up and there are those on your planet working to this end and doing a mighty fine job at it. Much love is given to them for their efforts and they are aware of the need for this to be done and pitched right in to avail themselves of the huge challenge that confronted them. It is with respect that I tell you of their efforts and they continue with the thought of not giving up on this huge issue. More power to them.

Breaking away from long held ideas is difficult if not impossible at times. Especially from an unknown source where the ideas proffered are so different from what has been believed for so long. We hold ideas that have stood the test of time and have been proven by God’s view and edicts. We give it to you straight from His desires and wishes. After all He is the first source of all that is.

Our ideas are only new to you and exist through the universes and others strive to live by them at all times. There are other planets with beings in different levels of evolvement and they also are working to adhere to God’s laws as given to them. Trial and error seem to be the words of the day on this pathway adventure. It is the way of learning and works well if you pay attention to what does not work and try to change your perspective on what does work. We endeavor to help you in this area and only point out what has happened in your past to get you to change your views and seek out new ways of getting along to make better headway in your advancements. It is with great love and affection that we are here to guide you in your travels upon this planet. Again I reiterate that you have been given a beautiful gift in this planet and you are bound by the laws to take care of it.

Things being what they are I have high hopes for you in all areas of your future and am looking forward to many new ideas coming your way for your happiness and reconstruction that is not only in your government but in your mind, so to speak. It is with love and high hopes also that I bid you great times in your future where you may exist with the joy and blessings of good will from each other and this will make a world of difference for you to experience. I take my leave now and wish you a peaceful and happy life.

I am Prosper.

One thought on “August 15, 2020

  1. I know all to well what impatience can do to someone Prosper, it creates a lack of faith and diminishes your ability to create, it erodes your vision and leaves you with nothing, you at some point can choose to reassert your confidence/patience and build back up what you lost, it’s definitely a difficult lesson, it will teach you to go within and rely on your higher power, whether you call that power the father, universal creator, Christ or in my case “Love”. I know you can see far back into our past as a collective humanity but at some point the numbers and “time lines” have no meaning and you simply have to declare to yourself your origin, I know in your case you see the father as first cause and source and I’m not going to say this is wrong or right but everyone in this eternal “God” dream has the right to think of whatever they want as origin, if someone wants to declare farts as the first cause and source of all that is, well they’re not right or wrong imho, due to the nature of time being infinitely flexible, God/Source/Father/Creator just acknowledges all of its aspects as equally important in the scheme and totality of its beingness. Why am I bringing this up? To do my best to help you understand the mindset of your fellow creator beings on this planet, due to all we’ve been through, it truly makes for some remarkable and contrasting ways of thinking and living, I want to help you see that maybe there is no right and wrong and that maybe this is all perfect the way it is, we’re just a collection of minds here on this planet going in the direction the wind takes us, I realize you want to take us in a more heavenly light father oriented direction but bear in mind not everyone on this planet wants that or if they do they may see it differently than you do… so what’s the lesson? Patience *smile* I don’t mean to come off all knowing or pretentious, it’s just like I’ve stated I have a lot of reflection time under my belt, hopefully I can turn this into something that aids you in your endeavors, as my concern lies in entering the golden age/Sathya Yuga with my wife and soulmate who originated in Andromeda, anyway, just something to ponder Prosper, I remain at your disposal, Love and Hugs to you *smile* 😁🎶

    (Sorry if there’s multiple attempts to post this, difficulty’s logging in on the iPod)


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