August 16, 2020

Let us begin. It is with attempted tidings of accomplishment that I greet you this morning. We are pledging to continue to find a way to address a large number of people on the earth. I am at a loss at present to do so. I implore you to not give up on us and continue to seek higher learnings, no matter what source being given. We continue to run into roadblocks and those in charge veto our wishes and that is their right to do so. It has to be accomplished in some manner and I will not give up on this issue. We are here to stay for you and no other reason. So, I proceed and will continue to give lessons here for all that read.

Let us start to examine courage and fortitude in the individual, as it were. Given your state of the world, it is courageous just to face each new day and have any hopes of things getting better but here you are in that condition. The heart stores all records, or better your soul does, and remnants of your past lives are all present to give you strength and fortitude to continue to climb this path you have chosen. A most difficult challenge at this time and also in your past . The drive comes from the Father and is hard to ignore in most cases. You are not programmed to give up on this path for it is your purpose in life. Bringing us to today from your past histories you continue to struggle with accepting His commandments in respect to some of His wishes and continue to try to bend things into your own version of what the law is. Make no mistake about it there is no wiggle room on this. The law is what it is and there is no way around it. There is only One God of all things and Creator of all things in origin and there is no other way we are supposed to live. It is as simple as that.

Do not corrupt His words or wishes on the matter. Will you suffer the consequences of not following His laws? Yes you will and that is the law also. This is where suffering comes from. Do not blame others for this suffering. It is laid out before you in the balance of things and this is your own doing in the matter. Jesus did not come here to learn the lessons for you, you must learn them yourselves for your own advancement on your path. View this sentence clearly and repeat it.

Now, Jesus did come to earth and was a mighty presence on your planet and tried to deliver truth as best He could in all cases to everyone. He was met with idolatry and ego and disbelief in large amounts and most were not in a mindset to listen to Him, even though He performed miracles in healing and other areas. Today He still serves as leader and worker of miracles in His own right and is leader working on things concerning your planet and will one day return to you. I can only hope that he will be better received this next time than he was before.

Your planet has been one of the most difficult challenges we have ever come across and it has taken many to get you this far removed from tyranny and dictatorship. We have a ways to go, even though we have come this far. Your dictators and tyrants are still among you and must be weeded out. This is where you come in. That courage I spoke of commands leadership of the right kind and you must take the time to read and educate yourselves in the matter of governance of your country. Somehow you must see the importance of putting the correct people in offices of leadership so that you can overcome this vast derivation of paths you have let yourselves be on.

Start now to educate yourself as to what you want for your country and what direction you want to go in order to give you the freedoms that you desire and want for your people. It is a must that you do this. We cannot do this for you. We can only instruct and guide you and suggest in these matters. Take up the cause and banner and delve into your government and weed out the ones who do not care about you but care about power and money. See that they no longer serve for this is not what you call service. It is blasphemy against God.

I see things from a higher perspective and it is easier for me to point out what needs to be done but it is for you to do this. We do not force but what I tell you is in your own best interest to do so. It is with loving kindness that I do this so please listen well and consider what I am trying to tell you. Consider it with new eyes and the thought that all things are possible if you are working through God’s laws and wishes in the matter. Do not give up for a brighter future is awaiting you on the horizon and it is for you to accept. Your have certainly paid the price in the matter and for generations. Do not let these lives die in vain. Choose freedom and hold onto it with both hands and protect it.

I am done.

I am Prosper

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