August 17, 2020

Let us begin. Now is the time for things to happen in the mainstream media. Topics should start coming into view for people to discuss and bring out into the open. Economy, rulers, world conditions and health care will be focused upon and negotiations will start to take place for better discourse of these areas. Please take note that they are in focus and have your input ready to throw into the arena. Take charge of these areas of interest and revamp them into what you desire for your country and governance. It is time for you to have a say and to form and mold the rules into a working agreeable set of rules that will accommodate the citizen more fully in an agreeable manner. A more profitable state of being for all involved. What you have now is not working and pockets are being lined with your tax dollars and this is not fair nor is it legal according to God’s laws. Take it from me, those in charge are getting rich off of your ignorance of what is done behind closed doors. It has to stop. Open those doors and look behind the curtains which have been drawn to you to keep you out.

Money has been the big motivator of all things in the world and this has to stop. Be informed because now the barrier will be removed and you will be able to see what is really going on in these areas. God has made it possible for you not only to see what is going on but to have a hand in fixing the problems. Do not hesitate to get things done. Be brave and protest in a calm way to bring about change. Heads up on this.

Continue to address your hot button issues and rearrange them into working communicative bases for agreement and for change . Learn to negotiate and bargain in arenas of change and take into consideration the best avenues for the betterment of all concerned. What is good for the people, what is kind, fair and logical. Not what is profitable to some and robbery to others. Change your ways by changing the way you look at what is and what could be. Compare and weigh on the scales of justice. Give in to new things and give them a try. If they don’t work, change them and try again. Govern your country with a new approach and this is one of love and not partisan objectives. What is good for my party is old and archaic and should be thrown out completely. Give the new approach a whirl and see how it goes. You may be surprised at how well this works. This all starts with your leaders and do not fail yourselves in choosing them wisely.

Be of good cheer as things are moving along at a fast pace now toward a good end. I am in constant negotiations on your behalf and I will persist. The person that will not go away quietly, that’s me. Like a bad haircut, you are reminded of it every time you look into the mirror. Only in my case it will not grow out, it will remain until I am received and addressed in a friendly manner. I can be most persistent if necessary. We are here under God’s direction and we will not give up nor will we abdicate our directive and goal. It is that simple. You do not forget what God has directed you to do nor do you walk away from a mission.

Keep that in mind when you read His commandments and by the way your 10 commandments are not complete. There are more and you can find them in the Phoenix Journals if you look. They are explained completely and you will have no problem understanding them. Invest in yourself for a better life as God intended. There is a reason you have problems today and it is ignorance of the laws or non-compliance of the laws. This is truth, comprehend it and live by it. One who does not live according to the laws will pay a price throughout his or her lifetime and this will not be someone else’s fault. It will be yours. Learn the commandments and laws of God and then tell me how well you are doing by them. Then see why your life is not exactly what you want. It is logical, what I say and the laws work for you, not against you. Be a good student and avail yourself of further education of how things work. You follow sports and how could there be a good game if the laws were not followed? Know the field you are playing on and know the rules that govern the play. See to it.

Now we come to more pressing matters. Your country is heating up with anger, rage and protests. It is becoming dangerous for you to be out in large crowds. Do not enter into the fray of things controversial but find another way of protest that does not involve violence. Looting is outright theft and is a violation and will be a part of the so called karma process. You do not take from another without repercussions of some sort. It puts negative vibrations into the field of play and these vibrations will come back to process their activation upon you, the same as positive actions will and so, it is the same for both. Live lovingly and this love will come back to you. It is that simple. Be astute in your observations. Take time to learn how these actions of living bring about what happens to you in opportunities and other ways.

We have covered enough for now. I wish you a pleasant day free from controversy and violence. Be at peace in all things and actions. Give of yourself to others and consider my words please.

I am Prosper

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