August 18, 2020 Second Post

Now is the time for you to prepare for sudden change in all things. This is an added channeling for you citizens to read. It is concerning that we must add this onto your lesson but it is necessary that we do. It has come to our attention that caution is needed in monetary matters and you need to have some cash on hand in case the banks are not able to remain open. It may be that your ATMs will be on hold for a bit also.

Things worsen for a few days before they get better and we want all people to have access to some cash and not be dependent upon a bank being open. Do not overly concern yourself at this message for it will only be temporary. The main consideration is that of the looting of stores and shops of those who do not know this is a temporary situation.

Be at peace, all of you and know that things will right themselves in short time, I give you my word. This is not an emergency situation but a short necessary change to roll out some other programs in your favor. Do not panic and be at peace over this for it is just one of those necessary things that has to happen for future growth in your country. Not even a large bump in the road, so to speak. Let this sink in and prepare. I give you warning of this situation for your benefit.

It is done.

I am Prosper

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