August 19, 2020

Let us begin. It is with gladness that I approach this turn of events in your history. It has been tumultuous at times and there might be more to deal with but the outcome is beauteous and grand to behold. It lies before you in all its glory and is waiting for you to claim it. Be at peace with the changes forthcoming and try to assimilate them into your working thoughts of how this is all reasoned out and was thought out in the beginning.

Afterward there will be reflection on everything and the pieces will fall into place, I hope, and it will make sense to you. Quite intriguing really how it was all put together for a higher purpose and the results were spectacular in unfolding, even though it took a long time to come about. We, with a much better view than you have, are in wonder at how things all took place and how they proceeded to turn out. There were times when we could not see the positive outcome but God has a way with all things and His will prevailed over it all.

We continue with your lessons and now we will take on the purpose of living in a physical body. It is your best learning arena to be in a physical body. It gives you multiple life times to continue with learning and gives you a reboot with each new life. Mistakes are your friend and a tremendous learning tool if used correctly and as purposed. You will find out much quicker what doesn’t work and in the long run eventually you will learn from them. Take heed and examine failure in depth. The cycle of life is tedious it seems to you but is always an opportunity to not only advance along your path of learning but to be of service to others. I speak of this service frequently and this is because it is the base of the purpose of life and was constructed by Creator God to set into motion the energy of giving and receiving. Nothing is lost in energy, it is passed along in different forms but is never lost or never looses strength. That is why love is so important as it is one of the things that can be used to multiply for a positive effect in all situations. It is most constructive and is part of the creative process when anything is created.

Light and energy make up the creative tools in every creation and eventually in everything. It is miraculous in its inception and all creation evolved from an original thought processed into creation and then eventually matter.

Back to the physical body. It is a pleasurable thing to feel the sun and the wind on your skin and to enter into the environment of nature with all her living things both plant and animal. You have yet to understand what a gift this really is for angels do not have this opportunity such as you do. Many are envious of your experiences.

Of course there is pain and other difficult experiences but this is what the learning process is for and not following God’s laws or commandments will cause pain and agony. The number one thing to learn is that not following them causes problems in life and with all things. Trust that living by God’s laws is the basis for a happier and more contented life in all avenues of living and expression.

Be at peace with these precepts and try them out in full. There is truth in living honestly and with forthright abandon for all things ungodly. Continue to educate yourself always in God’s teachings and this is what Christ Jesus came here to do was to teach you of His word and wishes for your ways of living that you may have a more abundant life. He is not vengeful or does not cast retribution upon you for mistakes but you enter into the energy of bringing about that which happens to you and this is the way it is. You are responsible for the good and the bad. God does have his hand in lives and brings about opportunities through his plan and machination, especially with angels who carry out his wishes for your opportunities. Many times the angels show you the correct way for you to go and it is left up to you to follow. You always have the choice to make for it is not forced upon you. God does not send punishment upon you but you attract things to you through the positive and negative energy you put out and also how you use the energy you are given. See that you make good choices in all things, even when it is inconvenient or difficult for in the end it will come back to you in a positive manner. Make no mistake you cannot get around the law of energy returning to you for that is how things are set up. Look into the mirror of things to come and see what you have cast upon the waters. It is unavoidable.

Observe the things coming about now in your country and the world. Much change, agitation and switching of commitment to different things is on the horizon and this is for the better. Be at peace with all that is and all that is about to be for you have prayed for it to come. Continue your work in prayer and visualization of what you want your world to be and it will develop into the picture you have in mind. A free more workable government with places for the individual to voice his opinion about governance. Choose wisely your leaders down to your local city halls and mayors.

Law enforcement will still be needed and they also should be chosen wisely in their intent. Most are truly devoted to protecting the people and bringing about peace in the world. They put their lives on the line every moment for you and when you need help they are in the positions to give of that help you need. Do not disrespect them by thinking so little of their lives and their profession that you dismiss their calling from on high. They also have been chosen, for the most part, to serve in a difficult position and this is not to be taken lightly. See to it that they are protected and no vendetta is put forth against them. Take this in hand and put a stop to the harmful groups and mobs that threaten your law enforcement for they are too public a figure to be protected most times and cannot hide behind cover when their position is called forth to protect and serve. Encourage them and support them. They are upholding those laws that keep society civil and orderly. You should not have to find out what it would be like if they were not there. I dare not think of it.

I am at present learning to give you the information you need to face the turn about that is coming.  Suffice it to say it may be confusing at the lest.  It is a dimensional thing and as yet you are not experienced in dimensional things, especially a sudden change.  Let it come naturally and try not to deny it in your minds.  You are not mistaken in what you will see or hear and as a person living now upon earth you will get to witness this event.  Just hang on in faith and trust that this is to be and was planned and is part of your evolvement.  More than just earth is involved in this adjustment and what happens here will affect so many others and a huge area in your surrounding universe and beyond.  It is because of your hard work and wanting things to be better that this can happen now so this is a good thing.  Be ready for a huge shift in perception and your reality.  It will open up to you in ways I cannot now describe to you.  Take advantage of this and do not be afraid for this is a good and positive thing.  It is like being given many Christmas gifts all at one time.  Do not be afraid to open them and try them out.  God has His hand in this in all aspects and was willed by Him.

Continue to pray to your Father, creator of all things and lay your heart before him. This is the most important relationship you will ever have and fail not to communicate with Him. He is your guide and help in all matters down to the smallest of things in your life. He fails you not. You just do not always listen to Him. Rearrange your schedules and your lives to accommodate this conversation and communication with God on a daily basis. Make it a habit like you do keeping up with the sports schedules and scores. It is imperative and much more important, like an investment that pays huge dividends. I am your teacher of truth and I will return with another lesson that will bring you a happier and better life.

I am Prosper

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