August 30, 2020

Let us begin. It is with high hopes for tomorrow that I began. Let us discuss moderation in all things. Our tendency is to overdo everything. Eating, drinking, gambling, and so forth. Be at peace with what is enough and forgo the rest. Look at it as being in line with what God has in mind for you concerning your behavior. Use your self control at first and then it will become second nature for you. Go to bed earlier and get more rest. Your whole nation is lacking in rest and relaxation, not to mention fun and happiness. Seek quiet times for yourself and do not put this aside so you can watch TV. This TV viewing is abundantly overdone. Read your laws and study on God’s word. Forgive yourself of all past transgressions for it is necessary to move ahead. The burdens you carry for years astounds me in your ability to reproach yourselves and not forgive. You readily forgive others of their misdeeds but not yourselves. Learn the lesson these transgressions provide for you and seek forgiveness from yourself.

Now a word on transgender desires and possible operations that will change things. There is a way to resolve these problems and they are real problems for the people that have them and we will give help in this matter. Some teaching needs to be done here and some physical attunements are necessary. It can be done without trauma and physical changes that harm the body and hurt the mind in the process. It has already caused quite a problem on your earth and is something that needs to be addressed with a different approach.

On to liquidation of assets that have been stored for generations in others’ control. These have been freed from their hiding places and the wealth will be distributed into areas that will benefit the people and not hoarded in vaults where only those in control have the keys. I’m not sure you understand how this imprisonment plan has been implemented for years upon your people and all done in the wide open under your noses. It was insidious and driven by a need for power and ambition on the part of a very organized few. It will stop and has. So much so has the hoarding been that all people of earth could live comfortably if it were distributed equally and that is the goal here that you live life more abundantly and this is what God wanted for you. It did take awhile but was accomplished and you will see.

While we are talking about money let us begin to consider welfare to the poor. It is a good thing but as most know there are people out there taking welfare that could be productively working and feeling better about their contribution to society. Taking and not giving back all the time is not the way to live and these principles will be laid out and discussed in a manner that will make implementation easier. Too many are living on the backs of too few and this was never a workable consideration for any country to try, much less use.

We have cornered the untamed energies and are proceeding to put things back in the order they were intended. Many work on your unseen energies and have been for years now. They, at present, are in constant flux and left to their own devices would cause considerable problems for everyone. Energy is a beautiful thing and under most circumstances it does not need tending but there are those who have tried to manipulate it for their own good and this has unbalanced them and made them dangerous. Frankly if we had not intervened they would have been so destructive they would have annihilated millions. Leave mother nature alone and she will function in the most beautiful and precise ways you can imagine.

Be at peace as much as you possible can with these changes that are coming. The riots and unrest are offshoots of underlying thought forms that need to be brought to the attention of everyone but not in a destructive manner. They are real and your different races are in the process of learning how to deal one with another. Slavery is involved here and many countries made the mistake of having slaves for labor and are paying the price for this wrongful decision. Never should you imprison a person in his path of life be it physical or mental and especially for your own reward. There are things here that need to be forgiven and that is part of this also. We will discuss this in length on a later date if given permission to do so on the air. Our plans are large in compass and cover many topics for your consideration. Do study them.

Now a few words about reincarnation. Yes it is real and was planned for your planet to give you multiple life times to gain wisdom from your choices and was part of the fast track to learning. It was and is a good plan and has worked well for you even if you do not understand or agree with its concept. All things are intertwined with this plan but they give so many opportunities to work out conflict between people and countries. Many tendencies are brought over from one life to the next and play into the relationships of the current life. Therefore you are given the option of clearing them up by forgiveness or good deeds to another that you have transgressed against. A form of checks and balances if used correctly and all of them without your in depth knowledge of a past life. Do believe that it has been that way on your planet.

It was spoken of in the Bible and part of that teaching was removed for various reasons at the time. It will be taught again and hopefully understood as a gift to give you more opportunity to learn and forge ahead on your path of life. What a good thing it is to be given a second chance at almost everything in your life. Think of it in these terms and it will give you a better understanding of the concept in general.

We continue to believe in the contract signed for the broadcast and tomorrow will be a big day. There have been so many delays that I know you are all hesitant to get your hopes up as am I but we go forward none the less. We rejoice at the prospect and our joy is equally shared with all of you who will hear the messages. Continue your prayer that this will be allowed as your prayers are potent in intention. I leave you now and hope that you go in peace.

I am Prosper

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