August 31, 2020

Let us begin. It is with high hopes that we continue this morning with our lessons. We have covered many subjects and there is help for you in all areas of your life. Our long term goal is to be able to bring these lessons to you on all 3 networks and speak to many more people than we are at present. Our endeavors continue to negotiate this option. It has been difficult to do so but we won’t give up.

Now Let us discuss retraining of thought and outlook for your future. We have discussed this with you in the past and it continues to be so today. Your thoughts are what makes your future. You are creators of the highest kind and do not yet realize it. You have accepted that you create the little things in your life but have not opened up to the concept that you have the same capability for much larger projects. Yes, it is possible to move mountains and we ask you to open the door to this possibility. It is not outlandish or pie in the sky to do this very thing. How do you think this is done? It takes first of all the concept that it can be done and we start from there.

Thought is energy and this energy has a creative force that can be trained and molded in the proper fashion for constructive purposes. We are glad to council you on how to do this and it does take practice. I am reminded of several cartoons where this got out of hand and went wild. Actually you have done this in the past and that is where some strange scenarios have come from in your lives is the creation process took a wrong turn. There are guidelines of creation and we will show you what they are. There is as much possibility for creating the wrong thing as there is the right thing. It is a gift and an option both.

Now let us go to another concept of sorts, the theater of life. Your reality is not what it seems and was created for a particular purpose to achieve this end result that we have today. The grand purpose will be revealed to you at the proper time. This is why we council you on forgiveness and compassion toward all people, even those who seem to be wrong doers or the dark side. Some of them are playing a part and were called to facilitate this process of moving toward the light. They bring to focus the wrong that is evident in your societies and give you avenues and reasons to correct what is wrong. Do not be so quick to hate or cast bad thoughts upon anyone. They may have been sent to help you facilitate the thought process into action of a positive nature. Needless to say things are not always what they seem.

Have compassion on all people and shed your light on the evil doers also and not just the positive people in your world. Love brings about change in all things and in all people and it is not always revealed who is playing what part. Answers will be given for your understanding in this concept and the reasons behind them but for now suffice it to say that love is still the answer in all situations. Do not however make yourself vulnerable in any event or open yourself up to dark people. Just send them love and light.

Now let us talk about prehistory. You have only begun to uncover what is in your past. It is interesting to say the least and your earth is much older than you imagine. So many civilizations have come and gone and their remnants are available in your archaeology in most cases. It would help if you had a road map and we will supply you with one when the time is right. A most interesting field is that of archaeology and it will continue to be more so when you have something to go on. You have some details accurate but need help in making sense of some others and we have the information to bring you along in the history of the people who have lived on your planet. Most valuable will be the learning of events and what was lost through wrong doing. Learn from others and know that some of you are those very people that have once lived in ancient civilizations and have come back and live today. Quite an idea isn’t it.

This concludes our lesson for today. We go with the broadcast on our minds here and thank you for your prayers that this will be a complete success. A definite turn in our news for today and we plan to make the most of it. Go in peace for I will.

I am Prosper

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