September 2, 2020

Let us begin. It is with high hopes that we explore some type of broadcast and get the message out to the world. We continue to look into new ideas that will make us newsworthy and eventually end up on a major network. This has been a most difficult mission, one of getting the trust of the right people and it has been denied so far. We hope that will change.

Now onto to the lesson. It is our intention to give you information of industry, science, medicine and psychology that will heal or improve your societies of the world. Technology being what it is needs a boost and there are things you need to know that will greatly increase your pathways to new inventions and medicines for healing. We are not pill pushers by any means but we know how the body works and responds to our proven methods and they will cause less problems for the body in the long run.

It is our mission to improve your government system and means of providing for the people. You deserve the information that has been denied to you and hopefully we will catch up to where you should have been in the first place.

We continue to offer our help and guidance to your country and to your world with no type of payoff for ourselves whatsoever, only that we will be joyful at seeing you a happier and healthier civilization in the long run. We are fighting a long held barrier of distrust and it may be well placed for the past but now is the time of trust where we are concerned. We repeat our mission is benevolent and guided by God’s directive and wish for your freedom and advancement. Your prayers were heard and we are help that has been sent and have responded. We are ever ready to begin and remain hopeful.

Let us talk about beginners of hope. There are those that have been closed off with walls built up for generations now and these walls must come down. You were meant to enter into relationships with others and that is going to be hard to do with all these walls in place. Try to release your fears and means of protection for self and engage in the new world around you. Begin to accept the possibility that it will be safe to do so and hopefully that will translate into trust for us as well. It is the natural response to react to pain and hurt with this self imposed protection of walls and barriers and it has served you well in one respect but it also keeps out the love and companionship that is part of relating to others and part of these relationships are how you learn and grow. One with another. Do not linger in your caves of loneliness any longer and venture out into the world of new light and love and relate in an honest way with others by being open and hopeful in your contacts.

May we speak of homosexuality for a moment. It is a very complex and confusing reality you are experiencing and one that needs compassion and information by all. Loving and kindly people wanting to express themselves with others they are drawn to is their way of life and they have suffered greatly from rejection by your societies. What a difficult life they have been drawn into and one that needs explanation of some length to solve the reasons for this. It has to do with influences from past lives for one thing and another is body physiology and chemistry for another. It is not a disease that is catching or that is learned but a response to the influences of vibrational imbalance when born and is real for those that live with this choice. It is not chosen lightly by those who feel this way because they are just responding to the feelings they come here with. We do not condemn them nor would we cast them out in any way. I use the word attunement at times and it is appropriate here and help can be given. The question has been posed, if God says this is wrong then why are we born this way. It will be explained and for the mean time give love to those who express themselves under this influence and do not hate them for their choices. Better love be given to them than increase the complexity of the situation by casting dispersion upon them. There will be more on this later for it is a complicated problem to deal with on the part of all individuals.

Now for a light hearted subject. We are happy to explore your humor and your comedy. It is one of the most enjoyable professions that we have come across and gives so much enjoyment to the masses. It always pleases us to see people laugh and have a good time when listening to a comedian with good clean humor and comedy to share with the people. You have developed this part of entertainment to a fine degree and as long as it is done within God’s laws we applaud you in these efforts. Joy lifts the vibrations and brings more light into the body and this is what you need. Making people laugh under your circumstance of earth is truly a talent and we are happy that you have risen to a high degree in this profession. It is what was needed at this time. Please continue.

We conclude by saying we are encouraged to see you are bringing more light into your world and continue to grow and we are encouraged by your response to these lessons. It is our nature to want better for you and our indicators as we monitor you are giving good news of your advancement in these areas. Do not give up and do not loose hope that things will continue in a positive avenue of progression for they are doing just that. Be of good cheer. I go now and continue to work in your behalf.

I am Prosper

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