September 3, 2020

Let us begin. It is with high hopes that I speak to you this morning. We are exploring a new avenue for broadcast and may be viewed as a stepping stone to a larger audience. It will start small and hopefully increase in importance and volume as it goes along. It is hopeful at the moment and plans are in order to take advantage of this option. Please continue your prayers as this sets a positive vibration around the creation of this process.

Now let us speak further on homosexuality please. It is noteworthy that there are so many questions on this subject and I am quite pleased with this response. You are listening and that is what I want, an involved audience. A thinking audience. Please listen carefully to what I have to say on this topic.

Let us go further into why people are born with attractions for the same sex. Many, many emotions, including fear and attraction for loved ones are brought across into the next life and are felt during that life time. Attractions being one of them are also transferred into the new life and are expressed even though they contradict with society. If you happen to be expressing as a male in a previous life and you choose a female representation in the new life you are left with the attractions to another female. Same for the female who is in the new life a male. He will be attracted to another male. This is almost impossible to deny and is exacerbated when the lives are not separated by a certain amount of time. When the lives are close together the influence is heightened.

Now another reason is the amplitude of certain vibrational influences within the creation of the body in the womb and this is a contributing factor. It is quite difficult to explain because you do not have the correct terminology and understanding to grasp this concept. The cell formation under these influences brings about a conflict with the chosen sex it had originally planned on expressing in this new life. When the child is growing it is under the influence of that amplitude during creation and follows the thoughts and influences that are present in each cell of the body. It is quite difficult if not impossible to go against that influence for it is constant and you cannot get away from it by thinking or denying.

Another influence is fear. This also has to do with past lives and not just the previous one. An accumulation of fear brought about concerning one sex during extreme duress of physical pain or torture will crossover into fear in the new life and is affixed to a certain gender. Cell memory and also emotional memory is a big issue and also cannot be denied in this instance. You are trying to protect self and this is a normal thing to do under the circumstances, even though you do not remember the source cause or the details of how it originated. These are complicated issues and all bear heavily upon the attractions in the new life.

Let us begin to heal and there are techniques that will help these issues and you will come to understand how you are directly affected in your past lives and it will make it easier to deal with in this life. You are somewhat a victim of your past influences and a sort of healing process is required both physically and mentally to once again free yourself of all the past trauma. As I said it is difficult.

Now let us go on to another subject. Reincarnation is a hot topic button also and there is much you need to learn about this process. It was designed for this earth experience and is not the rule of thumb for all planets. You have chosen a short life span for your quick path to learning and this short life span is to enhance this and you are on a fast track. Being born again over and over gives you the advantage to learn quickly and provides the opportunity to do so. Many refuse and do not take advantage of this. We regenerate with the knowledge and learning of past lives with each new experience and build on each life while using the past experiences for further creation of new experiences which lead to more learning. Your choices such as gender and parents are chosen with counselors before each life and that is where the bleed over of emotions comes in. Country of birth is also chosen and for the most part communities and family members are chosen to continue or to finish a path that needs completing. This also is a complicated issue and much determining is done between lives to get this time, place and family all chosen for the best opportunity to complete any unfinished processes with others or with country.

Now let us speak of certainties. There are certain things you are given with each life to accomplish during that life time. They are charted into your life and come into play when the time is appropriate. Unfinished projects, as it were, are brought about and these are mostly things to do that are paramount in this life chart. So many other things are optional and of course you have the right to accept or reject any of it or all of it. An outright rejection to finish your planned objectives will only delay them until the next life time for there is a certain level of completion that has to be done in order to go onto the next level. Your are then placed into another set of circumstances to contemplate the new list of things to complete and also create your own choices with people and challenges to be worked out. Highly structured are your opportunities and you get to decide how you will play the out.

We endeavor to guide you in your process of life choices and have done so in the past with suggestions concerning choices but we never command or put pressure on you to do certain things concerning choices, except in the case of something that would hurt a mass number of people as in the atomic bomb. There are always teachers guides and angels assigned to each one that are readily available to you if you would just access them when needed. Now you know.

I complete this lesson with a wish for peace during this time of turmoil in your country. Stay away from crowds exhibiting aggression and devastation of people or property. Do not solve conflict with more conflict. Write letters, speak your truth and protest in peach, please. Please remain in peace I implore you.

I am Prosper

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