September 4, 2020

Let us begin. It is with immense hope that we have found a new way to communicate with quite a few people of earth. This method is slow and will take awhile to contact everyone but is workable none the less. We have begun trials to measure it efficacy and it looks good at this time. Those who are receiving are getting it correctly and from there we move on to the next one. It is rolling out as we speak and will continue through out the day today. I am very hopeful that this will solidify into something that will catch the news media by storm and it will take off from there.

Onto other things. We are now in the process of explaining how your earth came to be in the first place. It was created in a long time process from our universal creator Christ Michael Aton and he is fully capable of creating a planet and has done it many times. This one is special in that it offers so many opportunities for beauty that many planets do not have. I, myself, am amazed at its beauty and array of different climates and topography. You have been given a huge gift in this planet.

Forging the elements available in the atmosphere and empty space, as you call it takes many years of training and experience, which he has. Time and space are a thing of beauty because they contain so many possibilities in them and can be used in so many different ways. You will come to know how many universes there are and how many planets there are. Some are completed creations and some are newer and are still in the creation process.

Now you might ask doesn’t only God the Father do the creating? No, as there are souls that have been around so very long that have mastered this process through their continued learning and they are fully capable of doing many advanced things besides creating planets. Your Christ Michael Aton is one of them and is called a descending Son. He has gone to the heights of advancement and has returned to create his own universe. This is your planetary creator and is done through the auspices of God the Father. It is only through God that these creations are carried out so you might say it is done by God.

We go on to money now and talk about the importance it has been given in your lives. It is equated with power and this has been the name of the game on planet earth for quite some time now. It has become a god of sorts and speaks loudly in all areas. Its accumulation has caused the power struggle and the imprisonment of the people and I would like to see it done away with altogether but for the present you are still using it and it will become more plentiful in your personal lives. You will experience more abundance from the new roll out of the monetary system put into place and all will reap the benefit from it. The money has been released from its hoards and soon will come into your individual hands for you to use as you see fit.

It should loose its connotation that those with the most money have the most power as this is not true. Only those capable of ruling with wisdom and compassion should be in a position to dictate to others about rules and laws concerning their lives no matter how much money they have or can make. Your election systems end up being the one with the most money wins and this should not be. See that you provide another way of choosing your leaders than by counting the amount of money they spend on their campaign.

We also need to talk about hospitals and doctors. So many practices are outdated and the medicines given are not in the best interest of the patient at all and should be stopped immediately. Most doctors care earnestly for their patients and would love to heal 100% of them and see them live a healthy and happy life. This can be an achievable goal for them to work toward and we can show you how to implement new ideas that will astound you in the healing and medical areas of your lives. You have the facilities already to do this and you just need the information and opportunity to do this without the red tape of insurance to control and contain your ability to use different medicines. Your system is so constrictive in nature that it keeps doctors from being able to do what they trained so hard to do. This should free them up to work in the profession that they chose and want to stay in. A healer is a true calling and should be given the chance to do just that, to heal their patient and keep him healthy for a long life.

Now we have other lessons that are waiting to be given and hopefully eventually these will take place with us on the ground or at least a representative on the ground, face to face with the leaders of the industry or professions that are involved and we can discourse with them on a one to one basis about the changes needed. I know you are all looking forward to an improved life with more freedoms and more free time to enjoy the blessings of earth that you have been given. We look forward to this time also.

It is with great pride that I see you are gaining love and wisdom from all that has happened lately and things are progressing rapidly to a more radiant outlook on everything in your lives.

I leave you now with disclosure on my mind and hopefully before long on everyone’s mind. Go in peace. I am.

I am prosper

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