September 5, 2020

Let us begin. It is our intention to focus now on the communication with the individuals that we have contacted. It is a long and tedious process but is working and this is the first time we have had this much encouragement in contact ever. I believe this will lay a solid foundation for the next steps in the roll out of a nation and world wide broadcast somehow. We will see how this goes but for now it is a success in this first part. We are getting a good response from all contacted. Some fully with us and some apprehensive and some downright in disbelief but all solidly contacted none the less. This is more than good. It is quite amazing that this effort is yielding a solid response when your government thwarted our pleas at every turn. The power is truly with the individual people and that is where it needs to be. It is strong and viable. We are succeeding, even if on a small scale at first. This is a world wide approach in all languages and has been most surprising in its success. What an idea this was and we give thanks.

Now on to our lesson. Our thoughts to give you avenues to a better life will be given wherever needed. Here again it will be at your invitation only and we will not push anything on you. So, once again the ball is in your court and the furthering of your independence and use of it can be an avenue to improved techniques in all areas of your life or you can be afraid to move forward. The decision is up to you. We encourage you to take a chance on a face to face communication with us and let us give you the information we know you need to advance by leaps and bounds in many areas of your life.

Now we will talk of news and its ability to form and direct your thoughts without you knowing it. It has been a long held plan to take steps that have brought you to a place of being controlled. You’d be surprised at the number of years this plan has been in effect and it has rolled out exactly like they wished. Who are these people that want to control you? A small group who are decedents of the originators and who cling to the premise that you are worthless and even less than that. People to be discarded after their usefulness has come to an end and then led down a path of medications and decline until your bodies can no longer hold out and you expire. Yes, it is that insidious.

This has been put to a stop for the most part and our forces continue to deal with this attitude. There are those who have recently been successful in taking out some of the last holdouts underground and the battle was successful. They are no more. It is sad that lives have to come to an end like this but it was their decision and not ours. We warned them that this would be the conclusion and they chose to die rather than turn to the light and it was given to them. We mourn all deaths. Needless to say we owe our gratitude to those who risked their lives fighting these entities hiding underground and their lives have also been lost facing this group of un-enlightened beings. They will be rewarded for their bravery and theirs has been a rather long term battle.

Now let us talk about regaining your frame of minds to a more positive outlook. You have been played for far to long and it is normal for you to want security. We encourage you to re-frame your way of thinking and trust in your future and your choices for freedom. We have talked about this before but this is going to take some amount of effort on your part to get this change of thought habit done. Practice and then practice some more in being optimistic and hopeful and bring about those thoughts of prosperity and good will toward all. I know it is a real change of long term conditions but you must begin now and then reap the rewards. We will continue to repeat this to get you going in the avenue and you must carry out the attempt at a more loving and free life and this starts in your thought first. It is a beginning.

Our thoughts are always with you as we monitor you and there is always some part of your privacy that is delved into when we gather our information on how you are doing. Your light alone gives us exact readings on how you are progressing. There are certain individuals that have given us permission to read their thoughts and they have given up their privacy for this good cause. It was quite an adjustment for them to do this but it has brought about great reward in knowing how the general public will react to our coming into your lives with our ships and then with our words. Just think how you would feel if your every thought was known by someone else or by several people monitoring them at all times. I remind you it is with their permission and this decision made for their fellow man. We give thanks to them for their courage and their deep desire that this time of communication be given help in determining how these communications will go in understanding.

Speaking of reading minds. This is a way of life for us but there are standards of etiquette and protocols that retain ones privacy at all times and we will be glad to teach you these rules and procedures of respecting others’ thoughts. Yes, it is something you can and will learn. Thought does travel faster than the speed of light and carries more information than just words alone. Amazing isn’t it. This can be yours for the practice for you already have it within you.

We close today with the thought of forging ahead on an avenue of progress for we are getting ahead with communication. I will advise you on how this is going. We see a glimmer of happiness here at our post and this is good. I go now in peace and hope you do also.

I am Prosper

2 thoughts on “September 5, 2020

  1. Hello Prosper,

    Thank you for your continued efforts. How are people contacting you in order to have a face to face communication?

    Thank you,



    1. We do not have contact for a face to face communication. We have contacted the HAM radio operators with our existence and continue to answer their questions but at this point there is no face to face agreement of any kind. The face to face issue will come later on in our plans and are not advised at present. Thank you for your question.



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