September 6, 2020

Let us begin. It is with sudden applause that we erupt this morning and we are elated here at our station. Our efforts have been met with success on a grand level and the response is magnificent. It is our pleasure to continue and to report that many are very receptive to our messages they have received. We are euphoric and will continue on a world basis until we saturate as much as possible all the while hoping that somehow this will be reported to the news and picked up on a broadcast. It cannot be ignored any longer, even at this point in your time.

The response has been remarkably in our favor and this was an excellent means of conveying our message to get started with touching the individuals in a meaningful way. We are continuing in all languages and all countries and I had no idea that this system of communication existed on such a grand scale. We cannot be denied at this point and are becoming so real that it is changing the collective consciousness and is readable with our monitoring. It is a grand success and we certainly will continue.

Now onto the lesson. You are individuals and yet you are part of the whole. You are fractals of the original pattern which is God. The same make up in each one of you that has the God fragment and you are so meaningfully connected with each other. That is why God has told you to be kind to one another because you are all part of Him and you are connected. When you are kind to others it is like being kind to yourself. That is how close you are. The same goes for animals but on a little bit different plane. There is also a connection with nature. Everything is connected and is definitely from the same source. Let that sink in, please. Do to one another how you would like to be treated because it is true and not just a nice saying.

Let us talk about kinship. There are communities and societies that have been together through out past lives and sometimes many of them and come back to the same area or society to continue your adventures. These involve cities and also countries. What you do affects the whole from the individual on up to your world and beyond. There is country history that has to be either completed or worked out or some debt has to be paid. It is the way of things and the energy created during these life times remains to be completed in some fashion be it good or bad. Revenge has paid a large part in your history and builds up lots of things that have to be worked out, forgiven or changed in some fashion. These must be taken care of and are not left hanging to just lay around. Country against country in war like confrontation has to be forgiven in some fashion and the same goes for good will to another country. It will come back in two fold to bring good will to others also.

These laws were put in place a long time ago and are part of the way energy moves and works. It is viable and alive and is not destroyed but only changes in form or vibrational frequency. See that you work on bringing good will not only to your immediate neighbor but to cities, countries and the world. The good will multiply.

Now on to marriage. One with another to share a life time together can be a highly rewarding experience if handled correctly and can also be so devastating if not. So many of you have exceptionally bad experiences from relationships and there needs to be some type of learning before partnering up with someone else. It is so bad that the divorce rate is very high and so many do not bother to even think of living with someone else on a long term basis and sort of keep the mental bags packed at all times so they will be ready to leave when things do not suit them anymore. This needs to stop as it is carried out today. There is much available that we can council you on and you will find that following a better set of rules will bring you to a much higher level of happiness in this area. The main ones that suffer are the children and the pattern continues down to the next generation. So many hurtful words, actions and moments that have to be dealt with later on in another life or another time. Let this stop now and quit hurting others and especially your children.

We continue to work toward our goal of being invited into your lives with conversation and lessons as we have been instructed by God to do. We are here to help brought about from the prayers and pleas you have put forth in the past. It is our pleasure and our desire to be of service on as many levels as we can. Let us into your lives for we are loving and kind and you will benefit and we are finding that we will also. You have taught us so much already in your bravery and fortitude against all odds you remain steadfast to continue.

I go now and we continue to communicate with the ones we have contacted and to contact new individuals for their communication. It is good. Go in peace.

I am Prosper

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