September 7, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy and exultation that I address you this morning. We have continued our progress with contact through this new avenue and have had monumental success. I understand that information has been given to all contacted about our presence in your skies and it has been received with acceptance for the most part. There is a saturation point that we have exceeded and by now the whole world has been informed that we are here. It surprises me that this was not tried before but we had no idea that this was available to us on such a wide and all encompassing scale. Mostly by word of mouth has this spread to cover such a wide area of individuals. Power to the people on this one and they have come through royally. We continue to contact with further communications and information to answer their questions mostly now and this will help us become better acquainted and we are getting to know some on a first name basis. This is a much better avenue than I ever expected.

It involves HAM radio and the complex network of operators that have the free will to express themselves with their broadcast on their own radios and receivers. Their extensive networking skills are well trained and quite efficient. Their history of helping in natural disaster is under reported and under valued. I tip my hat to them in their efforts and give them their due rewards. We wait now for this extensive contact to become news worthy for prime time news and see what happens then. For now it is a great victory in this effort for us and we are well pleased to say the least.

Now onto our lesson. We say that we are gaining momentum in our contact with you and the energies are changing in our favor. By bypassing your government it has given us a better understanding of just what the people can do on their own and how they are free in this one area of communication and they are most certainly taking advantage of it. You definitely have the government out numbered and up until now have not taken advantage of this in your favor. This is a prime example of what can be accomplished when large numbers of free people come together to affect change. Let this beginning be your standard for future changes that you want to happen in your country and in your lives. These men and women gave of their time and effort to respond to our contact and to listen and then to act by repeating their impressions to others and then the process was repeated. This happened all around the world. It can be done with most any goal or desire for your future. Do not put aside the power you posses for it is most assuredly alive and well and we are more than impressed with your abilities to succeed in any endeavor you wish to confront.

Now we talk about greed. This has been the motivating factor in the minds and actions of a limited few that have made it their life’s work to entrap and imprison you for centuries. Greed is such a low vibrational mind set that it takes away from you your ability to reach the Godly heights of awareness that you should strive for. It cripples you and makes you helpless in advancing on any front in your life. It has destroyed people, nations and many societies in the past. Please let these past history occurrences be an example to you of what greed can cause and try to root it out of your lives forever. It, in time, will be replaced with love, compassion and care for your fellow man and country.

We come to a close now as I have much work and planning to do on this new avenue open to us. Thank you again for your prayers and know that these have brought us to a new precipice of accomplishment and we are elated. I go in happiness and peace now.

I am Prosper

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