September 8, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy and sadness that I address you this morning. We have been successful in our contact with so many individuals and the response is good. But our contacts are not in a position to enforce any pressure upon the mass media to print or speak of their contacts. They are blocked out of any recognition in a larger way. Their experiences with us continue to be told and information grows exponentially to others at this time and it is on going. This is good but our main goal was a world wide mass news blitz of our contact and arrival, a disclosure on a grand scale. The contacts that we have made are glorious and individuals now realize that we are here and are not going away. We are friendly and benevolent and are here to help and this is so much more that was ever expected. We continue with answering their questions for furthering their knowledge of us and our ways and purposes.

How is it that news like this can be blocked from a bigger picture and getting it to the people on a mass scale? We do not know. It will continue to be tried and pleas of broadcast will be offered to the mass media but it is still roadblocked at present. I am perplexed at this situation. What will our next step be? I do not know.

For our lesson let us discuss obedience of the individual to God’s laws and commandments. First apprise yourself of his laws and commandments and know them by heart. Take them into your being and study them over and over until you have them down. Then strive to comply with them on a daily basis and in all aspects of your life. They are real and you will be held accountable for them when the time comes for your life review. I kid you not, they will be the benchmark of your life’s assessment and records are kept of everything in your life. It is no problem for your life to be pulled up for review when your life is over and the reckoning begins. It will come. Be advised.

Now for other things. It has been noticed that you are living more fully and on a larger scale of freedom and it is looking good to us that you are venturing out in your abilities to express yourselves and this is the start of growing and learning new things. Continue on this scale and you will advance by leaps and bounds. It is a wonderful sight to see and was the original goal for this planet that you do so. Our hearts are full of happiness for you, even if you do not realize what is happening at the moment. Please continue.

Now let us discuss revitalization of the economy. It is coming in an open manner and you will have more funds available to you to enrich your lives but be careful how you spend this new money. Do not squander it on frivolous items and trinkets or toys for you to play with. Enrich your lives with meaningful items to better your lives to gain more time to relax and enjoy the life you have been given. Use it to serve others and to recover the freedoms you have been denied for all these years. Use it to gain better health so that you can enjoy the rest of your lives in happiness and continued freedoms. Just some advice from me personally that I give to you when this money is given for you to do with as you please.

Now, we will continue to get this HAM radio contact information brought about in a way that it will be picked up by the media and in this way we will contact ALL the people of earth. As it stands now we have made great inroads into the population of earth and quite frankly this is much more than we ever expected to do when we started. Such a good manner of delivering information and you’d think this would be newsworthy but alas, it has not been picked up on any big network. I feel there is a deliberate block and there still remains a large control umbrella over all the media. It will not continue. I go now in peace and hope that you do also.

I am Prosper

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