September 9, 2020

It is with sadness that I continue to attempt some type of positive reaction in the mass media. These people have a deep control over their employees and this seems to be permanent under some kind of threat to them or their families. I can understand their fear and reluctance to give in under those circumstances but somehow we must prevail on this issue.

We continue to make headway with our HAM radio operators and this is going well to say the least. This has been a complete success and we notice more and more people being informed of our presence through word of mouth and this is good. We are answering their questions and giving them this information is eroding their reluctance to have closer communication with us on a personal level.

Now, let us begin to explore the possibility that this method of information might just possibly be enough to get the job done, even thought it is a slow process. Getting information to the people is the overall goal and that is being done through this avenue. It continues to be the best thing we have tried so far. I continue to reiterate that the power is with the people and this is a good example. We will continue in these conversations with the operators and by crackie we will get it done.

Now let us discuss amplitude as it pertains to ground vibration and earthquakes. There is so much pressure right now on the tectonic plates of your earth that it is quite dangerous and poses a real threat for massive earthquakes at any time in the most vulnerable areas of your plate activity and movement. We warn you of this but are at a loss to say when this will happen and which area will be the first for activity. When this starts it will most likely have repercussions in other areas and will cause more activity to begin. We have no defense against this as Gaia has been free now to do what she needs to do and this is her call. We stand by to be of assistance to you in time of need and this would be one of them if this happens on a grand scale. I have no other solution for this as it is quite near to happening.

We go now to continue our communication with many in your world that show interest and have questions that need to be answered. They have this freedom and we are standing by to assist them in their education concerning us. Be at peace with this and we continue to have hopes of greater dispersal of information concerning disclosure but for right now this is it.

I am Prosper

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